Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just one of those days..

You know those days where everything seems to go totally wrong?
Well, that was my day today. I did not love it, at all.

I honestly felt that any second I was happy, someone had to go and make me mad or upset. I know that maybe that wasn’t actually the case.. but, it sure did seem that way. Want to know what’s even crappier? When I get really made, I cry. I can get really, really upset and not tears. If you’re an asshole to me, I’ll cry. I hate it because most people can’t seem to understand that. They assume I’m really upset over whatever pissed me off.

I think people think that they can walk all over me. Or they think that they can talk down to me and I’m not going to stand up for myself. I guess that’s my fault. Sometimes I find that when people talk down to me, it’s not worth my time to stand up to them. I just ignore it. So people assume I’m a weak person. But, then when I do stand up to them.. it’s like I’m the world’s biggest bitch.

I’m not a weak person. I’ve been through much more than most people have. I don’t feel the need to always ‘show people who’s boss’..

Well, anyways.. I’m not going to keep going on and on.

Tomorrow I have the day to myself! I can not wait! I wish Lucas didn’t have to work since he always knows how to make me happy. But, if I can’t spend the day with him.. I’ll enjoy some peace and quiet.

Maybe I’ll get some blogging done!!!

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  1. Oh, girl I hate THOSE days. I, too, tend to cry when I get really, really, you just pushed me over the edge mad. I hope you enjoy your day to yourself today and do something that makes you SO happy :) XOXO


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