Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday’s Letters..

Dear Work, Please be generous this weekend!! I need at least $200 per night to be satisfied. I have a shopping addiction. Also, I was so excited when my parents brought me home a carry out and my lovely co-workers wrote me notes on it!

Dear Lucas Blaze, I’m missing you right now. I wish work was going better for you so you weren’t so exhausted. I’m sad we only have two day off together this week. However, I’m digging how cute you’ve been to me! You can keep that up!

Dear Bedroom, You’re finally getting cleaned!!! I added some newness to you and I love it! I’ve been sleeping on the couch since Chicago.. tonight we reunite! AH, calm down Dr. Seuss.

Dear Bloggers Who Make All The Blog Rules, I don’t like your rules. I won’t follow by them. If that makes me a bad blogger, I don’t care. I’ve seen that some “real bloggers” don’t believe everyone should have a blog. I fall into the category of who shouldn’t have a blog. I’m actually going to have a post this week about this.. because I’m going to keep blogging and if no one likes my blog.. I’ll just blog even more. I enjoy breaking rules.

Dear Instagram, I think I give you more attention than anyone else does. I may not be the best blogger but I’m the best instagramer. IN. YOUR. FACE. big shot bloggers who are not reading this.

***Feel free to follow me on Instagram so you can watch my daily life in pictures..
I’ll follow you back as well since I’m obsessed.. username: mandyshippe

Dear Friday Letters, You rock! I always love this link up because I get the nicest comments and emails ever!

Dear Nashville, Going to Chicago made me realize even more how much I Yeahh.

Dear Chicago, Cool gang shootings you have going on.. while I was visiting! I didn’t have high expectation.. and you made me so terrified. I also did not appreciate all of the sirens while I was trying to sleep. Your train system also sucks. Your people are not friendly. I don’t blame them.. they’re probably worried they’ll get shot. Oh.. and I love how your people like to say that the gang shootings are making the city seem like Detroit. I’m going to assume that’s just Blackhawk fans being jealous of our Red Wings.. However, Hard Rock was bad ass!!! And, I did find your appearance to be a nice sight to look at. It was real, Chicago.. but, I don’t really care to go back.

Dear Magic Mike, THANK YOU! I can’t wait to see you. I almost talked Lucas into going with me.. then I stupidly told him what you’re all about. However, I bet if I fake cry he’ll give in. See you soon!!!!

Dear Ability To Always Get My Way, You can blame being an only child. I know how to work people. I laugh when people call me sensitive.. maybe I just get overly upset because things didn’t go my way. Does that make me sensitive or a princess?

Dear Blog Readers, I SWEAR I’m not as stuck up as I just made myself sound. I’m so sarcastic and if you don’t pick up on it.. then I’m sure I look like a total stuck up bitch. Anyways, you all are amazing. I don’t get a whole love of love from this blog.. but the love I get is more than enough. I know I’m awful at responding to comments.. so you all should know that if you ever want to contact me.. even if it’s just to chat.. feel free to e-mail me and I’ll always respond when I read it!!!



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  1. your letters had me laughing.....really, dragging the BF to magic mike? that is just mean :) also, who says someone can't have a blog! that is crazy! keep on bloggin' girlfriend :) thanks for linking up!


  2. love the letters girly! and don't give a shit what 'blogger rules' they may be out there. i sure as hell am not the best blogger either - ive so much as seen others rate my blog a 'zero' and say that it sucks/is ugly/stupid posts.. etc

    they can suck it!


  3. Your bed is going to feel so good after that couch sleeping! Enjoy it miss and dont worry about what others say I like reading your blog its honest and upfront not sugar coated, just the way I like it!

  4. HAHA, this is hysterical. I honestly did not think you were stuck up.. so you're good! I am officially a new instagram follwoer. It makes my days fly by! Happy Instagraming!

  5. I promise Chicago is not littered with gang shootings, that's just on the bad side of town just like any city has. We have amazing food, fabulous shopping, and so much culture. hopefully you'll give it another shot!

    1. Oh, I'm sure it's great! I looked beautiful! It's too busy for me. But I probably will be back for more sightseeing !!

  6. I loved reading this!


    have a great weekend!

  7. You did not sound stuck up, you sounded hilarious.
    I was also going to do a post on all of the new rules that people have been posting about blog and what should and should not be done. But then I got lazy and drank coffee instead. WHOOPS. Bad blogger.
    Found you via the link-up!Happy Friday!

    1. Some how coffee always wins the fight again blogging. Oh, I love bad bloggers ;) <3

  8. Seemed like you went to the WRONG part of chicago!

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

    1. I went to where everyone said was the nice part.. it seemed really nice where I was. And the shooting was a few blocks from our hotel and everyone said it was the first gang shooting in the nice part of Chicago. Lol

  9. New follower & you had me giggling the whole time I read your letters! I hear ya about Chicago! It's nutso down there!

  10. Girl, I'm an only child too so I know how it is! I don't like all these "blogging" rules that are going on. People should feel free to blog about whatever they want! It's YOUR blog! Have a great weekend!

  11. Hahaha! Love the sarcastic ways :) We would definitely get along!
    And you're so lucky to be in Nashville! Im jealous!
    Found you from the link up and I'm so excited to keep reading :)


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