Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday’s Letters!

Dear Blogger World, What do you think? Shall I go dark? I need help!!

Dear People Who Make Relationship Drama Public, Stop. You are not 15. Not only should you be embarrassed by your 12 status updates every 3 hours and your constantly changing relationship status.. you should be embarrassed that you’re in such an immature relationship. Maybe it was sad the first time I read that you can’t find a dude who will make you number one. And, maybe I felt bad for you the first time you wrote a bitchy status towards him because he ditched you or something stupid. People like you are the reason I can’t go on Facebook after 9pm.. because all I see is.. wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. Why have you not realized how immature and annoying you are? You shouldn’t be in a relationship. Normal adults don’t have these constant relationship issues and fights. Teenagers do.

Dear Lucas Blaze, Oh man.. I love you. I wish you could just decide for me which hair color looks best. Looking at pictures of my dark hair made you remember us when we first started getting all lovey. I thought it was cute. Especially since you told me you regret that you didn’t spend more time with me years ago. I think Saturday night will bring back a lot of good memories.. I can’t wait! I think I just went a little too little girl all goo goo gaga over my man. Ha. Oh, well.

Dear School, I hate you.

Dear Work, I.. actually.. kind of.. sort of.. miss you. Yes, I do. Actually, my bank account and shopping addiction misses you. See you Sunday!

Dear Vlog, I want to do you.. but I think I’d either make sarcastic, offense or weird videos.. actually it would probably be all of the above. Maybe I shouldn’t attempt that. You’re welcome.

Dear Chicago, I can’t wait to be in you! Even if it’s only for a night! I need a night vacation with my man!

Dear Friday Letters, You make me say thing like “I want to do you” and “I can’t wait to be in you”.. and of course my immaturity caught it after a while and can’t stop laughing like a 10 year old boy would.

Dear Bed, I’m sorry I cheated on you with the couch last night. What was I thinking? I think the big screen next to it just sold me.. even though you’re much better than that couch will ever be. I’ll spend lots of time with you tonight!



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  1. Your letters made me laugh out loud, girl! Happy Friday!

    Also- I love your dark hair! It's always good to make a change :)

  2. ah I don't know, you look so pretty with blonde and dark hair! It is cute that your man and you have sweet memories with you having dark hair though. Good luck :)

  3. Love the dark hair! Your letters made me giggle! Have a fab weekend!xo

  4. Love the letters miss!
    Dark, dark, dark!!
    It looks freaking AAAMAZING ON YOU!!!

    Happy friday!


  5. Oh that's difficult, you look so good with both hair colors- I say combine the two! :)

  6. I just followed you today, since I love your blog. Can't wait for more! Check out mine when you get a chance @ Go dark! I did it! It is nice to change it up! But you look good in both!

  7. New follower! I love your blog! The dark hair looks so good on you! But so does the blonde! Tough decisions!


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