Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NashVegas PART 2

Saturday (continued)
We decide not to do the race. Neither of us are upset over it. We’re already downtown so we should just enjoy cheering on the racers and just have a good time. It’s about 730am. We’re so hungry at this point. I suggest going back to Puckett’s for Breakfast. Lucas asks if I want to wait for a BBQ place to open. I remind him that’s at least 3 hours away. We head down 5th AVE to get some breakfast.


After Breakfast we decided to just walk around and explore! We walked.. a LOT!


Around 10:30am we decided we’re tired and want to go back to the hotel. We call the hotel up and they tell us that the shuttle will not be running until about 1pm. So we start heading down 2nd AVE to Broadway so we can find a taxi. Lucas tells me to call a taxi. I tell him he should just do it. That very second, a cab drives by. We get in and tell him where to go. All the roads are still blocked off so we head to the interstate and as he tries to get off at our exit we realize it’s closed. The cab driver pretty much tells us to get out…
Yes, on the freeway. No, I’m not kidding.

We get out and start walking.. a cop turns on his sirens and tells us, “Y’ALL CAN’T WALK HERE!!!”… At this point Lucas and I are both ready for bed.. and annoyed. We ask where it is that he wants us to go and he just keeps saying “Y’ALL CAN’T WALK HERE!”  after hearing it 10 times, Lucas asks why. Mr. Y’allcantwalkhere tells us there is a race going on. We clearly can see the runners running 2 feet in front of us. We also have our numbers still. He tells us to put our numbers on and hurry. We do. We get to the hotel and room service is there. We actually have a conversation with her and then  finally, we hit the sheets and take a LONG nap!

I wake up and decide to be a brat because I wanted to go to the pool and I didn’t have time. So I get in our stupid shower. I didn’t tell you about our shower. The thing HURTS. That’s how strong it is, and I’m not lying. It floods the bathroom if you take a shower for more than 5 minutes. It was awful.  So after showering off with a fire hose.. I start getting ready. Lucas wakes up. Uses the fire hose and then goes to the store to get a cooler, drinks and food. He comes back and then a little bit later it’s time to head downtown! We do some shopping and then head to the Bridgestone Arena!

The Rodney Adkins concert was too much fun. He wasn’t that great, to be honest. But I still danced my ass off and had way too much fun. We left early to meet up with one of my friends! I miss her too much!
This guy was so cool.. he played like hip hop songs.
We wait in line at Wildhorse and realize that cover is $20. So we go to some brewery and have a very late dinner and catch up. Lucas ends up paying for the whole thing, which made me a proud girlfriend. Haha. Then Luke and I go to the gas station, get more snacks and head back to the hotel..

I was apparently REALLY tired because I apparently flopped down in the middle of the bed and passed out. Lucas moved me to my side and then rubbed my back until I was sound asleep.

I’m not trying to leave you guys hanging.. BUT I do have to work tonight so I don’t have time to finish..


AFTER a pinteresting update.. haha.

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  1. Jeeez Mandy!
    I was all into this post, just waiting for more and then you had to do that!
    Jk girl! I look forward to the rest though!

    xxx Jessica


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