Thursday, May 17, 2012

It’s Ok….

Its Ok Thursdays

That I’m finally annoyed with 16 & Pregnant.. yet I’m dying to see Teen Mom.

That these past two days I’ve been an emotional mess..

To put off laundry far too long.

To go to Target for coffee cream.. and end up with $200 worth of goods..

That I’m failing at my diet.. Well, maybe it’s not okay.

To sleep 10 hours because of my new super comfy silk sheets.. & because I was exhausted.

That I’m not too thrilled with working 3-4 nights a week & going to school 3 days…

That all the extra money is making it so worth it!

To be absolutely head over heels in love with money.

To make a life changing decision. It’s ok to make a life changing decision..

To talk yourself into believing that you’re doing the right thing.

To have the future I want by the time I’m my man’s age.. three years!

To laugh at people who brag about all the designer items they have and then they post a picture of the designer label of the three nice things they have…

To have nice designer items (I’m sure we all have them) and not post pictures of the label

To just really freakin’ love coffee…

That after almost 2 official years together I’m still a little girl all crazy for my man!

That I spend too much time doing everything except what I need to be doing! WAH!

That this is done considering I need to rush to get ready for work…

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  1. I love, love, love your blog! Definitely a new follower:)

    I do the same thing at Target. I just can't resist walking all around the store and checking out the new stuff.

    Have a good Thursday!:)

  2. Target is so evil... It always does that to me too... Have you checked out "The Shops" there?

  3. Target has something that they pump in the air...I swearrrr.


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