Thursday, May 3, 2012

It’s Ok Thursdays..

Its Ok Thursdays

That today might be stressful, but I need to get a lot done.

That I feel as if I gained 100 pounds on vacation.

That I will be working out to burn off those fake 100 pounds.

To be bummed that my blog slacking has made many of you stop reading my blog.

To plan on consuming too much coffee, even though I’m not tired.

To complain.

To look around at a messy room, and wish closing the door fixed the problem.

That Netflix got me obsessed with stupid shows. Lucas loves it.

That I use Voxer to send Lucas fart noises (from soundboards) while he’s at work.

To realize that I really do deserve such an amazing guy, I’m not too bad myself.

To love who you are.. especially when looking in the mirror.

To eat something other than breakfast food for breakfast.. like ice cream.

That I’m going to the dean about this professor. No one in the class is passing.

That everyone is complaining about fall finals and I’m in spring midterm week. 

To love having 10 week classes and not 15 week classes..

Also, to understand that people don’t understand how much more stressful it is.

That I may not get any feedback on my blog anymore, but I’m still blogging.

That I still love you all.

That I miss Nashville more than I thought I ever would. 

That I showed Lucas all of my wedding pins on Pinterest. I know he loved it.

That Instagram is my favorite social networking site (username: mandyshippe)

To make a post a little long than planned!
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  1. HAHA! You sound just like me: fart noises, complaining, shutting the door to make the mess go away!! :) Plus, we all still read! Promise!

  2. didn't you know, closing the door on a messy room does make it go away!!! Until you have to in again that is :)

  3. Still here also!!!! Breaks are allowed :)

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Instagram! Good luck with your midterms =D

  5. I absolutely love Netflx and obsessed with Instagam. Blogging is always a hit or miss. Sometimes I get 10 comments, other times only 2. It makes me unhappy, especially to see people with half my number of followers and 3x more comments. Either way, I keep on blogging.


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