Monday, May 14, 2012


I’m almost too tired for words right now.
I had class this morning and now I’m catching up on Real Housewives.
I have to get ready pretty soon because I’m going to Birmingham with Lucas and his mom.
Then I have a work meeting at 9:30.. at night. WAH..
However, I did not have to work last night!!
Instead I was able to have dinner with my parents at a Mexican restaurant.
Then I went to see Lucas’ mom and gave her the present I bought for her.
Then Luke and I relaxed, went to get food and watched the hockey game and Jerseylicious..
AND.. we watched his old home videos!! I was dying laughing!
He’s the same crazy boy. I love it!

I’m too tired to give a great post. So, here’s some photos from my Instagram..
If you have one, follow me so I can follow you!!

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  1. I love watching Jerseylicious and Real Housewives. And I love that coffee mug! I need to get myself one.

  2. Had to catch up on housewives on hulu! so much drama, i love it :)
    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway & thought you might be interested.

  3. beautiful girlie! love the insta-photos!



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