Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday’s Letters…


Dear Current Mood, Holy cow are you bad. You have your reasons.. and they’re damn good ones!

Dear Sanity, Please don’t fail me now.

Dear Lucas, I wish you weren’t at work so I can cry to you right now and tell you how awful my day is.. you always know how to make everything all better. WAH. I love you. Too much. But, I’m sure you can live with that.

Dear Migraine, Listen.. I had a really bad night. Can you just ease up right now? I don’t need this. Nothing helped you because I woke up with you.. and apparently the trick is to take medicine right away. I hate you.

Dear Nashville, One day all of these bad stressful days will be worth it, right?

Dear Blog Friends, I’m so sorry I’m such a debbie downer right now. Please, allow me time and I swear I will soon show you I can be a great blogger.

Dear Summer Diet, You’re practically running from me. Maybe you already know I’ll neglect you. I’m trying.

Dear Creepy Dudes I Wait On, Seriously? Chill out. I don’t even look that great at work. Compliments don’t pay the bills. I don’t care if you think I have a nice butt. I don’t care that you don’t believe I don’t have nylons on, you’re not going to feel my legs. I don’t care. I don’t want your number. I don’t want to hear about how I look just like someone. No my name is not Hannah, Sarah, or Jessica. I don’t care if you think I should model. Don’t tell me to smile more. Yes, my man is very lucky. Don’t use that as an excuse to find out if I have a man… see these rings on my finger? Yeah, well he liked it.. so he put a ring on it. Therefor, if you like it.. keep it to yourself and give me a big fat tip. Simple as that. BAM.

Dear Bed, Oh we are going to have a fabulous date after I post this.

Dear iPhone, I still love you so very much. Lucas doesn’t understand how I use up my battery so fast. Maybe he’s just jealous that you get all my attention.

Dear Instagram, You are far too fabulous. I use you more than any social network site. (Username: mandyshippe)

Dear Girls Who Think They’re Better Than Everyone Else, You’re not. Sorry, but with that mindset you’re probably worst than everyone else. Grow up and get your head out of your ass.

Dear Mouth Filter, You’re not working lately.


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  1. Love you letters!!!
    found you through the link-up.

    newest follower!!

    Happy Friday enjoy your weekend!!


  2. Migraines are no fun! Hope it eases up on you soon! Feel better! Oh and I hope your mood gets better to so you can enjoy this holiday weekend!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Love your letters girly! Happy friday!! ♥!!

    HAhahah... especially the last TWO! Hilarious!


  4. Men can be pigs! Hope you get to feeling better & have a great weekend!

  5. Sorry you're having a rough day! :( I have a lot of days where my mouth filter doesn't work!

  6. oh girl I hope your weekend goes better than your week and that the creepy dudes leave you alone! loved your letters this week, thanks for linking up!


  7. You are so precious! Sorry you were having a rough day, though! The letter to the creepy dudes made me bust out laughing!!


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