Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday’s Letters!


Dear New Sheets, You are absolutely amazing. I love you so much. You give me another reason to love laying in bed. Ah!

Dear Motivation, Where are you? I need you in my life, now!

Dear Junk Food, Why are you in my life? I need you out, now!

Dear Lucas, I’m mad at your grumpy butt for not texting me on your lunch break. Just because I’m at work doesn’t mean I’m not expecting a super cute text. Maybe you had a meeting and had to rush to eat.. I will expect you to make it up to me by being even more loving than usual. And an extra long back rub Saturday night will be needed. And frozen yogurt. And watching The Vow. Thanks!

Dear Micro Professor, You are not a nice lady. Just because I went to the Dean with the rest of the class does not mean you should take it out on me. Considering we went to the Dean about the COURSE and not YOU. I complimented you on the outline for test two and you went off on me about how I clearly don’t study or care about my grades if I didn’t do well on test one. Well, considering the highest grade in the class is a C- and the class consists of mostly people with a 3.5 GPA or higher.. I think you’re dead wrong. But I won’t be rude.. the other reviews on said enough.

Dear Friday Letter’s, you give me a reason to talk about things I normally wouldn’t mention in my blog.. and I dig that.

Dear Bank Accounts, I swear I will be filling you all back up to what you should be. I don’t even understand what I’m spending money on. It sure isn’t on new clothes..

Dear Current Mood, Why are you so awesome?! Did something happen that I wasn’t aware of? Today you were really on your A game!  You can stay as long as you’d like! I think my boy toy, my family and my co-workers would really love that!!

Dear Windows Live Writer, We are going to have to part. It’s been real. You’re not posting my posts when I need them posted.. Along with other things. If I find a replacement.. I’m going to leave you. Believe me, I am looking..


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  1. love the letters dolly!! and totally agree on how fridays letters allow us to say the shit that we wouldn't 'normally' blog about!! heh


  2. I'm planning to watch The Vow this weekend too! :) Hope you have a great one.

  3. I loved your letters this week-- and I love that you mentioned these letters let you write about things you wouldn't normally share on your blog! I do the same thing-- little blurbs about the week that I wouldn't dedicate an entire post to! Hope you have fun watching the Vow with your froyo :) As usual, thanks for linking up with me!


  4. I feel like saying the very same thing to Motivation and Junk Food lately! lol

  5. I love Friday letters. Found you through the letters link up! So glad to be your newest follower!

  6. I without a doubt want your Saturday night girlie! Sounds like you all are gonna have a nice relaxing evening ;) & your Sunday oh yes that sounds pretty great too must admit... I might be a tad bit jealous!

  7. new sheets sound oh so lovely! and junk food.. yeah, it needs to get out of my life too.

    - l

  8. This post is so hilarious! Hahahaha :D


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