Saturday, May 5, 2012


I hope you guys are enjoying this little holiday!

I’m happy I’m not working. My work is having a HUGE party..
One of the biggest around. Maybe the biggest.

Do you know what I’m doing right now?

Laying on the couch watching Lifetime movies! Waiting for Luke to wake up and join me.

This is not a joke. I worked last night and had an absolutely horrible night. I was so stressed out and running on no sleep. I was seriously not a happy camper.

I had one table that almost put me over the edge. After a certain time at night, the hostess goes home. By then people just sit wherever there’s an open table. I had to take another server’s 10 top along with all my tables. Which means, I’m busy. I’m in the middle of dropping off drinks and taking drink orders when I see these young kids at the door out of the corner of my eye.. I think I noticed them after hearing, “UHHH.. CAN YOU SEAT US?!?!”.. With my hands full and my mind full of snotty comments I’d like to say.. I as fake as can be say, “Hey guys! Feel free to take a seat anywhere a server will be right with you!”.. They start walking around like lost puppy dogs and I go drop off my dirty glasses and then go check on one of my tables when I notice someone waving their hands like crazy and glaring at me.. Oh yes, my lovely friends at the door found my section. I ask if I can get them something to drink.. the guy said with an attitude, “ UH YEAAAHH!.. We’ve only been waiting FOURTY minutes. So, it’s about time!”.. I wouldn’t lie to you guys, the max it took was 8 minutes. So I say, “ You’ve been sitting here for more than a half hour? WOW!”.. The entire time they are there, they are making out. Not a cute, drunk, little make out.. I honestly felt like it was the first time either of them were allowed to be alone with the opposite sex. I was so grossed out.. and no, I will not stand at the table while you finish up. Also, can I mention anytime I checked on them the girl wouldn’t talk to me. She’d give me a dirty look then whisper in his ear what she wanted and then he’d talk to me like I was scum. I’m not someone to judge people by how they look.. but honestly how they treated me, I don’t care if I judged. By looks I will assume that they play video games and watch those Japanese cartoons. She keeps ordering $8 dollar drinks and then the guy comes up to me and was actually kind of nice and asked for two 23oz beers, the ones that are on special for $3.... I bring them over to him, he thanks me.. she comes back from the bathroom and looks more pissed than usual. As I walk by he yells to me, “I DID NOT ORDER THESE!.. I would NEVER order her a beer because she does not drink beer. I said ONE beer. So take this back!” Unless I was drugged, I know when someone orders two beers and I know when someone orders a beer. One of the girls I work with comes up to me and tells me to ring in a drink for the girl and she’s going to take it to her. She comes back and tells me that they pulled her aside and shit talked me and the guy apparently wouldn’t stop making really rude comments about me. Since I explained to my co-worker that I am unable to wait on them without telling them to kiss my ass.. she looked after them and they finally wanted to cash out.. they must of thought she took over their table because they actually tipped pretty well. Not worth it though.

I stayed up really late last night studying.. then I had class this morning.

I am worn out. I’m sorry that this post was a huge rant. Better than no post at all.

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  1. aweee sorry that you had to deal with those kind of people! you did great though, i wouldnt have patience to deal with that which is why i have never worked a serving job before1 id id slight bartending but even that was too much - way too many drunken creeps hitting on me, i couldnt handle it LOL

  2. aiy iyiyi, that sounds terrible. i remember when i worked at a bar and some people would just be unimaginably rude. hope today is better!

  3. Way to keep it professional! I would NEVER be able to be a server! I wouldn't be able to control my frustration :)

    Oh, and in my opinion, there's no better way to spend a lazy Saturday morning than to watch Lifetime movies ;)


  4. I used to wait tables and bitches can be jealous and mean...her man probably would have been flirting with you if she weren't there. Girls are mean sometimes. You handled it well:)

    1. For some reason my computer is stupid and wouldn't let me comment so I'm "replying" under a comment :)

      My jaw dropped when I read this. I used to be a hostess and my BFF is a server and my Mom is a server. There is NO way in hell I could ever be one because I'd be fired immediately. lol I couldn't hold my tongue with a bunch of morons that I've seen come into restaurants I've worked in.


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