Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Because most guys are idiots.

For some reason.. I’m not really a fan of attention from other guys.
It might just be because I’m so happy with the man I have..
But, working at a bar obviously has downfalls, you all read about some in my last post.

I hate how guys I used to be friends with come into my work and then that night or the night after I’ll get a facebook message about how I’ve really “grown up” and how great I look. I’ll be honest, it’s probably a slap in the face for any guy I’ve ever dated that screwed me over or the guys that never took me seriously.. because going from a size 5/7 to a 0 can really be a huge confidence boost.

But, don’t get me wrong. Weight is not everything. However, losing that weight really made me happier. Finding Lucas has also made me happier. So people come in and see a happy and confident girl and feel the need to try and “work their magic”. One time this guy that was really good friends with one of my exes messaged me on facebook to see if I can keep a secret.. so not even thinking that someone who can see my 500 posts about my boyfriend, would hit on me.. I said yes. He then asked if I’d be down to hook up.. I gave him a quick lesson on how to act like a man, how to talk to a women and how to respect his girlfriend.. actually, no.. the respecting his girlfriend lesson came shortly after when I told my co-worker about “that asshole she’s waiting on”.. she then told me that he’s been dating her friend for years. Karma, my friend.. love it.

I do fine it funny that guys always use the line, “Your boyfriend is a lucky guy.. but he probably wouldn’t let you hang out with me.” He is a lucky guy. He knows what he has and he knows that I wouldn’t touch another guy because let’s be honest, I think Lucas is the sexiest thing to walk this earth. Guys typically leave me alone after I explain that to them.

I’ve dated far too many guys who have cheated on me.
I dated a guy for over a year tell me day of that he wasn’t going to take me to prom.
I’ve dated a guy who I called while I was at my friend’s cottage even though he told me an hour ago he was going to bed.. and a girl answered and told me to leave her boyfriend alone because they were “busy”.
I dated a guy because he wanted to get back at his ex who hated me for dating her other ex.. I wasn’t that bothered by this because he was a great guy and that girl has been a bitch to me for years.
I went on a date with a guy who’s phone rang with the ring tone “My Boo”.. he quietly told whoever was on the phone that he was doing laundry and “I love you too”..

But, I wont bore you with stories of the guys I’ve dated that no other girl should date..

Bottom line, guys suck..
And then you find prince charming
And all of those stories of how bad guys treated you become funny.

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  1. Girl, you are gorgeous and have an amazing man! YES, guys suck and they say stupid things. But I would just let it in one ear and out the other :) Lucas is SO lucky to have a girlfriend that he can trust :) And visa versa. So just ignore all the pick ups and other lines you hear from boys you used to know... they just don't matter!

  2. girl. i am so with you on this! i don't like men, in general, except for my man, for every single one of the reasons you listed! might seem harsh, but keepin' it real!

  3. Amen! Guys do suck! I hope I will find a nice one too :)

  4. I can't imagine all the pick-up line horror stories you'd get working in a bar! I bet it's nice to have a great guy to go home to, though :)


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