Monday, April 23, 2012


I’m currently typing this at 2:30am.

I can’t even believe that I’m actually considering an all nighter.

I have no time to myself this week. WAH.

This is about to be a really stressful week, and I’m already not ready for it.

Saturday class in the morning then I spent the rest of the night with my man. 
Sunday I went into work early.
It’s currently Monday.. I don’t like to call it a new day until I wake up..
But I’m sure this wouldn’t make sense to the rest of you.
So.. today I have class all morning/afternoon
Tuesday work at night
Thursday work all night then straight to the airport
Friday and Saturday NASHVILLE!!!!
Sunday NASHVILLE… until about midnight (So.. Monday?)
Monday.. arrive back in Detroit, shower and then go to school…

Did I mention one of the other reasons I’m not going to sleep is because I’m too scared?
I think my house is haunted.. and Lucas is at work. So I’m all alone.

I’m watching wedding shows, doing homework, studying and cleaning.

I think I might take a shower as well.. maybe it’ll wake me up?

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  1. I was in Detroit a few days ago, but just at the airport, since thatbwasvwhere our connection was. I also don't like to call it a new day untill I wake up!

  2. Even after you figured out the person in the picture wasnt a ghost? What else have you seen to make you think its haunted? I love Bridezillas on netflicks. Makes me think of how sane I really am.. lol. Have fun in Nashville!

  3. that does sound like a busy stressful week!! I'm not good at not getting anxious about a busy week ahead - I have to remind myself to take it one day at a time! and I hate staying home alone. my husband is out of town this week and I'm staying at my parents. : )


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