Thursday, April 12, 2012

It’s Ok…


..That I just woke up from a beautiful 12 hour sleep!
..That I’ve been sleeping a lot lately.. weird.
…To not want to pump your own gas
…To hate calling the doctor’s office even if I have to every month
..That my boys lost last night.. Nashville we’re going to get you AND Weber!
…To be a total guy when it comes to hockey.
…To have someone in your contacts just so you can know to ignore them
…To be overly excited about going to a country concert while in Nashville
…To plan out how I’m going to overdo it on caffeine today.
…That I do not want to work out. But I will force myself.
…That I’m planning another post for tonight to update you all on my life
…That the update sounded important.. but it’s not.

What’s ok with you today?
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  1. I hope "its ok" that I love your blog and get excited to see a new post!

  2. great its oks!! i love sleeping forever and ever! haha! its my fav hobby! today its ok that i got a mystic tan & didnt wipe it off enough on my hands so now theyre alittle orange in some spots haha!

    xo Kelly


  3. with you on the not liking to pump gas part!
    totally not my favorite.

  4. its ok that is not friday, because tomorrow is!

  5. Just found your blog, I love it! Caffeine is the best, it makes the day so much better. My favorite is the energy strawberry crystal light. Just started following your blog, hope you do the same back :)


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