Monday, April 30, 2012

It’s a crazy town full of neon dreams. {NASHVILLE PART 1}


I don’t want to write a two part blog post about my vacation.
Can’t I just write a super long one and hope someone will read it?
No? Well, wah.

Nashville was absolutely amazing. No, better than that!!!

Thursday night
Packed. Stressed out. Didn’t sleep.

4am our driver came to pick us up. He didn’t stop yawning the whole way. I also couldn’t understand a single word that he said. Thank god Lucas could.

Arrive at airport. Checked my bag. Went through security. Got coffee, it was horrible. Waited for our flight. Lucas tells the lady at the counter that he’s insane claustrophobic, we are allowed to board before everyone else. Picked our seats, I start freaking out about sitting next to a stranger. So I lean over the empty seat to stare out the window. The flight attendant announces that it’s a full flight and no one should fall for tricks people try and pull in order to hide a seat. But, no one sits by me.
640am we’re ready for takeoff.


A little over an over, we’re ready to land. Still running on no sleep. We get my bag and pick up our rental car. We’re off to the hotel. We decide we should call the hotel to see when check in is. 3pm. No big deal, it’s not like it’s 8am or anything.. oh wait. Yes, it is.
Lucas and I are both hungry and tired. Which means we’re both complete brats. Not fun.
We get downtown. I attempt to change in the car. Finally was all changed.. we start walking. Did some shopping and found the only place open before 11am.

It was yummy. We then head over to the Health Expo to pick up our race numbers.

Lucas decided that he wants new running shoes. He falls in love with a pair.

So, I buy the same ones. We waste as much time as possible and then decided to go to the hotel to see if we can check in. It’s about 230pm, we check in and pass out.

We wake up around maybe 7pm. Decide to go out. Showers and a party store run.. along with getting ready.. It’s now about 10pm. We’re hungry and ready to go.
Our iPhones decide we’re somewhere else on the map.. so we get lost. Really lost.
Looking back, I don’t know how we got lost.. but we did..
And two hungry people, lost in a different state.. well.. it sucks.

We find our way back to the hotel because I was over going out at that point.
We decide to get Arby’s.. which, I didn’t mind. we started eating..
stopped being such brats and after this point, everything was perfect from them on. Sort of..

I don’t remember when I fell asleep but sometime after we bought too much food.

5am in the morning. We ignore the alarm and go back to bed.
545 we roll out of bed.. I am not a morning person. even though I’m always up early..
I put on my running stuff and Lucas is dancing. I’m confused and sleepy and all I know is we need to leave.. like, 10 minutes ago. We rush downstairs to get a shuttle to the race… Roads are closed.
The hotel calls a taxi.. They don’t think they’ll get anywhere near the starting line.
It’s minutes before our race starts..
We agree to get a taxi that would pick us up across the street from our hotel.
We start to realize that there is absolutely no way that we are able to get within MILES of the starting line. The race is already 30 minutes in.. and we’d have to walk at least 5 miles to the start..


Part 2 will be here tomorrow!


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  1. Haha you are so cute getting matching shoes! That wall thing looks so cool as well, is it the people running the race that sign it?

    1. It was for the kids at St.Jude Children's Hospital!! All the runners signed it :)

  2. Sounds like you are having fun!! the matching shoes are cute! Running for a good cause. I love it.


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