Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I need a vacation.

I normally do the typical Pinterest Wednesday linkup..
However, it’s 5pm and I haven’t had time.
So, I guess I’m going to skip it this week…
I haven’t even had a chance to get on Pinterest this week!

I’ve been pretty damn busy actually.
Today I had class 9am-3pm.
I got home and spent the past hour and 30 minutes..
Opening up a third bank account.
Accessing money from a refund.
Figuring out how to access my student loans.
Figuring out how to make payments on my student loans.

I think I’m going to shower before I finish up applying for a scholarship.

Oh, and then I have a lot of homework to get done.
I also need to get cleaning done.
Plan some blog posts.
AND workout.

I guess it’s a good thing I have the day off tomorrow…

Today marks 21 months that Lucas and I have been officially together.


I don’t remember these things every month..
Sometimes I catch myself saying we’ve been together “A little over a year”
But, we’re 3 months shy of 2 years..
Crazy how fast the time has gone by!


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  1. Awe, congrats on 21 months! I think I've done the same thing every year... and then all of a sudden, it is a year later. Crazyness!

  2. Y'all are so cute!! Congrats!

  3. Awww so cute :) Congrats! Get that workout girl ;)

  4. awe! adorable! i love how you say 21 months and not a year & 9!
    happy anny!


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