Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting my social networking on!

I’m totally team iPhone, already.

I was a total hater while I was loving my android.
It’s funny because I never thought there would be so much of a difference.
I switched from my lovely PicPlz account and jumped on the Instagram train..
But, ONE day later and Instagram opens the doors to android users.. What?!
Do you use Instagram? Let’s follow each other!
My username is mandyshippe
I am totally sad to leave behind my other account..
But, it’ll always be there.. right?
Does anyone know how I can get my pictures from my old phone??
I’m sure they’re on the memory card.. but it’s a tiny memory card..
Not like the size of one you put in your computer from your carmera.
What do I do? HELP!
I’ve also been much more active on my other social networking sites!
Feel free to follow me and I’ll follow back!


For twitter, it’s private not because my tweets are too awesome for the public but because I’ve had issues with my exes and Lucas’ exes and some of my family I no longer talk to. Sometimes I don’t need certain people seeing my every update.. and I use twitter way more than facebook. I have no issue adding people, but since it is private and I do tend to forget to check my pending request AND I have almost 200 pending request from people I don’t know/spam.. you might have to leave me a comment here to let me know you sent me a request!
I also wanted to show this amazing video!
So pumped!!

I have class tomorrow morning.
My last class is at 1pm and I have no idea when it ends..
Then I’m getting my hair done.
Tomorrow morning my mom is ordering my iPhone!!!
Lucas is even sicker than yesterday. He had to call into work.
He’s been sleeping all day. He slept all yesterday.
He only woke up to tell me he’s sorry he’s sick and that he loves me.
And to ask if I was mad that he’s not spending time with him.
Last night I had to keep telling him that I’m only going to be mad if
he keeps worrying about if I’m bored while he’s sick.
Today I bought him so much candy for his Easter basket.
I’m going to make such a wonderful wifey. Haha.
I’m going to finish watching 16 and Pregnant (Don’t judge me).
And while I’m watching Savage U (so excited!!) I will be catching up on some blogs!
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  1. in all fairness a lot of the apps/updates for apple were originally from droid. Also they have adapter SD cards that fit the tiny micro chip inside and you put that into your computer.

    1. Oh, don't get me wrong.. I had the Droid X and I absolutely loved that thing! My boyfriend has always had the iPhone and would show me updates that made his phone have a feature that my phone already had. I was so anti-iphone. I had actually planed on getting another droid but decided to give the iPhone a chance. I'll never be an Android hater, I just love my iPhone.

    2. Im debating on switching...lol. But check into the adapter! They come come in handy!

  2. I am still wishing I had the iPhone instead of the droid.... but I am LOVING that I can finally have instagram :) woo hoo!

  3. no judgement on the 16 and pregnant. i'm so addicted to those shows on mtv.


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