Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday’s Letters



Dear workday I had yesterday,
You wore me out! You may have tested me, a lot.. I think once the 5 hour mark of being so crazy busy with no food in my belly or caffeine in my system.. I was almost ready to cry. I stuck it out a few more hours. I’m exhausted but, I can’t even be upset.. my tips I made divided by the hours I worked.. means I made $32.50 an hour.

Dear iPhone 4S,
You are finally mine. I’ve been waiting a whole.. what, 3 days?!? If I didn’t have the iPhone 4 while waiting for you.. I wouldn’t of made it. You are beautiful and I love you.

Dear Lucas,
Please get better really soon. I can’t handle sad you anymore. I know you’re really sick with the flu and 2 days off work wasn’t enough to get better. I hate that you worked last night.. doing 12 hours of physical labor. I’m glad your doctor is making you stay home today and rest. You’re so pretty and I love you.. a little too much.

Dear sweet bed of mine,
I miss you. I need you. We never seem to have enough time together.

Dear sleep schedule,
You will be a mess. I work tonight till at least 3am.. then my alarm will go off at 7am for class.. I’m sorry.


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  1. I hope Lucas gets better soon :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. its funny how attached we get to our iPhone, i couldnt live with out mine! i see you're a hockey fan..i love it! newest follower :)

  3. haha how cute! I cant wait to get an hoping in one more month!!


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