Monday, April 2, 2012

The apple of my eye…..

Oh what a journey it was today.

My spring quarter started today and in class I went to check my phone.
I noticed that my wallpaper was no longer Lucas and I.
So I went to change it and all of a sudden..
My screen went black.

I started panicking. Took out the battery.. nothing.


When I would get a call or text.. it would light up, but then go black.

After a few hours I was finally on my way home and to the Verizon store.

I wasn’t on the account, so they couldn’t do anything but switch my phones..
To my old school pink Blackberry Curve..
I’m used to my Droid X.

No keys.
Much smarter than a Blackberry.

I blow up my mom’s phone, forgetting that she’s at the doctor’s..
I start changing account stuff to put me on the account.
My mom calls me back, wants a new phone so she comes and picks me up.

I’m eligible for a new upgrade in TWO days..
My mom is eligible now.

Since I’m a spoiled brat..

I am now the proud momma of an iPhone!

She bought the iPhone 4 and is letting me use it with my number until Friday..
When my iPhone 4S will be in!
I’m so addicted to the iPhone. I never, ever thought I would be.
I was team droid. But I am not anymore!

My gorgeous man is so sick right now!!
He’s been sleeping alll day.
And he’s so sad and I hate it.
So I’m sitting in the dark, eating popcorn and hot sauce since I’m craving it..
And he’s laying on the couch mostly sleeping while Intervention is on.

I hope you all are having a lovely night!!

Is anyone as excited for Easter as I am?
Can’t wait to make Luke an Easter basket!!!


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  1. Welcome to the iPhone club :) They are truely incredible. Be careful with the 4G to not drop it cause the glass is very fragile and will break. Luckily for you, your getting the 4GS very soon and that has tempered glass which is much stronger. I'm stuck with the 4. Take lots of pictures with it :) Hope lucas feels better!


    1. I know, after the guy saw how beat up my droid was he gave me a lecture about dropping the 4G.. But I've been treating it like a newborn! I'm already very attached to it and I know I'll end up taking a million pictures!


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