Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A whole lot of nothing..

I can’t tell if I’m tired or in the mood to get stuff done.

That’s an issue. Goodness. I’m not being productive though.

I have the worst shopping problem, I’m sure that’s already known.
I keep going to a million different sites, filling my shopping bag and not buying anything.
I have a love-hate relationship with spending money.
I love money.

Although I personally wouldn’t..
I understand why girls marry for money the first time and love the next..
or just stay a gold digger forever. I totally get it.
Money is great. Shopping is fabulous.
Please don’t freak out, I already said I wouldn’t do it, ever.

Before Lucas..
I was working a minimum wage job, bringing in about $400 a MONTH
I never dated guys with good jobs.. I was lucky to find a dude with a job.
(Remember we all don’t find winners right away)
Lucas was working at the mall, minimum wage.
He started really hating his job and he ended up never working.
I started hating my job and was desperate to find a new job.
He was lucky enough to find his career job, with many opportunities.
He’s making.. a LOT of money with full benefits.
I ended up finding a job at a sports bar.. SCORE!

I never realized how much waitresses make.
It’s slow season, I work 2-3 shifts a week..
I’ve been setting a weekly goal of $500.
So that’s about 5 times more than what I was making.

I’m a woman that is money hungry.. but I want to earn my own money.
Lucas is smart about his money and his future. So after knowing that he’ll
retire with more money than anyone knows what to do with.. I want to make more.
I want to financially be the head of the household.
Lucas says that I’m going to be his “sugar momma” LOL.


It’s just nice that while I’m working hard to get to my career..
I have a job that gives me plenty of money to enjoy life.
I can pay my bills, and still spend too much.. but still have a lot saved.

I really like who I have became since I started dating Lucas almost 2 years ago.
Actually, I love who we are now.
Although I really don’t want to grow up..
I love that we have our shit together.

It kind of scares me to see how many people that are my age are having babies. Girls that think it’s totally normal to still go to parties. Also girls that want to be half naked posting to facebook “belly pictures” while trying to act “sexy”.. you have a baby in that stomach, not the time or place. I’m talking girls that don’t have a job, who are dating a guy that works 4 days a month.. if at all. People that know they will have to depend on their parents in order to raise their own child. People who can’t even be mature enough to keep a relationship. I don’t understand how someone could post a status every other day changing their relationship status or complaining non-stop about their “baby daddy” and think that they are ready for a baby. I understand that accidents happen, but you have 9 months to get your shit together and be a mother. Not all young moms are bad moms, and not all bad moms are young. I am not one to judge any young mom, just because they are young and have a baby. Age has nothing to do with character. But how on earth can someone want and plan a baby when they are not even stable on their own. It’s so selfish, and sad.

Also the people who are in their 20’s and don’t even have a job, or any form of college education.

I’m grateful that I am where I am in life.
I’m so happy, and I’m so in love.

I was raised by my parents who both work their ass off to have a beautiful house in an amazing neighborhood, to be able to enjoy vacations and have nice things.
Outside of all the materialistic things, my parents have the picture perfect relationship. People always comment on how they hope to have a relationship like them. They’re best friends. They enjoy each other’s company and it seems like their love for another only grows.

I’m happy to find so many similarities in my relationship.

Well, now that I ranted about a million different things..
I shall end this post. I don’t care that it’s all over the place..
I just kept typing. Haha.
I swear, when I actually write.. I’m much more organized.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!
I’ll be at school all day! Maybe you’ll hear from me in the evening.

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  1. Love this post. I love being at a point in my life where I can pay all my bills, save some, and still have spending money too! Cracking up over the Facebook prego pics comment. Totally true. Sorry for the rambling comment! Ha.

  2. I love this post as well! Very well said, I tend to go on rants sometimes on my blog as well haha! Happy Tuesday Love!

    xxx Jessica

  3. Love this post - you've done so well :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  4. love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


  5. im glad you wrote about this! I feel like people are getting prego left and right but dont have their ish together. if its books or diapers im choosing books. call it selfish but no babies here.


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