Monday, March 5, 2012

Shock top

Oh, how I’ve missed you all!
I really do.. ah.

Lately, I’ve been a sucky blogger.. that’s obvious.
But, I’ve also been a sucky significant other.
The last couple of months I’ve been really hard to deal with. I honestly don’t know how on earth Lucas can still stand to be around me. I even ask him that.. maybe he’s just as crazy in love with me and I am with him. But, I’m honestly not kidding, I’ve been queen of mood swings. Even though a lot of it has to do with being stressed.. most of it is for other reasons (medical stuff).. I’ve been in my own world and really distant.. I honestly think it’s all going to be all okay.. at least it seems that way. I feel much better. Although I’m not allowing anything to excuse my moodiness. So thankful that my beautiful man understand and sticks by my side no matter what.

So, I was just feeling like crap about how I’ve been towards everyone especially to him. He’s my best friend and the only one who actually can make everything better no matter what.. I’ve been trying to come up with some surprises for him… Well last week I bought tickets for the wings game on Friday..
Friday came around and he decided that he would buy tickets closer than the ones I bought..

We had an amazing night. It was totally needed!!

Last night I worked.. Lucas came to visit me with my parents. I love that they all get along so well that they can go out for food and drinks. Well, Lucas has been dying to get these electric drums… I was the one who practically made him buy all new stuff for his drum set which was a few thousand dollars.. so I of course told him to buy this set.. he can’t really play his drum set unless it’s during the day or something.. which he’s never up for anyways. So, he ended up getting them.. and it makes him happy.. which obviously makes me very happy.

Want to see our awesome seats from the game?



Yeah, I forgot.. a lot of you probably don’t care about hockey…

I’m practically addicted to the Red Wings. That’s obvious.

Well I worked a double today.. made a few hundred so it was worth it.

I’m going to sleep on the couch because last night some creepy guy that I was really creeped out by followed someone from work and it was a huge long thing.. but it just made me realize even more than ever that people are so creepy.. so I’m all scared and I just want Lucas to be off work so I can just not be scared, lol. I mean, I’ve had my share of really scary and creepy moments because guys are insane.. but, it only makes me more paranoid at night. But soon I will have my little Vladimir and I’ll feel all safe.. well, maybe I’ll just enjoy the company when Lukey isn’t around <3

OKAY, I’m catching up on my recorded shows. I need a whole lot of sleep.

Goodnight beautiful readers!


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  1. How funny, my boyfriend is a drummer and loves hockey as well :)
    I know what you mean about the mood swings, sometimes I just get....moody. And i need a second to myself where I can just talk myself out of it. Its really weird but sometimes I get so anxious or pissed at something I cant change, that I ruin the time we have together. So...yeah I feel ya girl. &I hate creepers..I usually just act like i'm on the phone with my dad. LOL


  2. NEw to your blog. Glad you got to go to the game. Love hockey ! hope things get better.


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