Sunday, March 18, 2012

Please excuse my absence..

I’ve been sick for two damn weeks.
Finals week killed me.
But, I killed it on those exams!
Thursday night I pulled an all nighter..
This was right after many nights of almost no sleep..
Friday I had my last final.. on no sleep..
2 hours after my last final..
I started my weekend full of work.
The past 54 hours I spent 31 of those working.
I’m exhausted. I can’t even function.
I will be back in action tomorrow.
This week I will leave you with many updates!
I’m planning on posting every day.
I will also be commenting on all of your blogs
(I’m so sorry I haven’t been, I'm sure you all understand!.. I hope!)

Also, If you are new to my blog and want me to check out yours.. let me know!
I never mind following people, I follow so many blogs and I love finding new ones!
Just leave me a comment!
However, I don’t like when people leave spam-ish comments about following them.
If you think I’d enjoy your blog and if you enjoy mine.. let me know!
As long as it’s not like “Great post. FOLLOW MY BLOG!!!!”
I had a girl ask me to follow her because she just found my blog and she’s now following me..
So I looked at her blog, commented on something..
Totally forgot to follow and I get a comment..
”Just checked out your blog and love it! I’m your newest follower!! FOLLOW ME AT (left her url here)”
Really? No.
Anyways.. I’m going to open my windows.. watch some Netflix..
and get many, many, many hours of sleep!!
Can’t wait to get back to blogging!
I miss you all!!

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  1. Glad you have some time to relax now! I just started college courses online and it is challenging, so I feel you! Not to mention I work full-time and do make up and hair for people free-lance. I can't wait to see more posts and pictures from you! Definitely do some hair posts, I love your hair<3

  2. I am SO glad you got through them, though. Gosh.. I do not miss finals for ANYTHING. Oh wait, do you have to take those in grad school? DANG IT! Lol. I hope you had a great weekend girl!

    P.S. I need some shopping advice and I know you, like me, do a lot of online shopping. I need some really inexpensive skinny jeans and cotton leggings. I want colored leggings and jeans [hello hott pink!]... any ideas???

  3. Hello my love! I got tagged, and well.... I tagged you as well haha!

    If you're up for it, I'd love it if you answered my questions!

    Much Love

    xxx Jessica

  4. I'm glad all that hard works over and done with now.. you totally deserve a rest after all of that!

    Relax a bit, and sleeeeep! :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


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