Sunday, March 25, 2012

Money to blow.

Why doesn’t money grow on trees?
Have you ever thought about where all your hard earned money goes?
Because I just thought about it and I’m ready to go back to being 15 again.

I have to buy a stupid calculator that’s almost $200
because it has an extra feature that my current one doesn’t have.
My classes are $3,000 per quarter which is only 10 weeks long.
That’s $12,000 a year just for classes.
Out of pocket since the government doesn’t give me a dime.
I rent my books so that saves a lot,
but typically I’m spending about $500-$800 per quarter
That’s an additional $2,000 at least per year.
I don’t pay for my gym membership since it got messed up, no complaints.
I just keep a tanning package going all year round
So that’s an automatic $70 per month out of my checking account
$840 per year.

My phone bill adds up to $600 per year.
My truck is a gas guzzler..
Between school and work I’ve been putting in at least $50 a week.
On top of all the other costs of living..
I guess I’m pretty lucky to make the money I do.
And that I’m with someone who makes amazing money.
I spent $250 on tickets for tonight’s game..
We’re probably going to be spending well over that for next Friday’s game
Nashville vs. Detroit
We also have to book out flight and hotel for Nashville
By next week..
Which is going to be about a $1,000.
I just bought another Red Wings bikini
And.. I have to buy all new summer clothes since everything I have is too big.

As much as I love money, I hate it too.
I just want to spend it on stuff I want..
Growing up is annoying.
I remember making $100 a week and never having a dime in the bank.
Now I have two bank accounts and I’d probably cry if either was to ever go under $1,000
I know that money can’t buy happiness.. but not having money would make life suck.
Not just for the materialistic stuff, but in order to live life.

Now that I’m done complaining about my money that gets blown..
Enjoy some photos from tonight…
Haha, his smile couldn’t be any more fake.
This picture is so awful of me..
We were awkwardly standing and the guy did not take
our photo how I wanted it.. but, whatever.


We had a really nice night!
Now, we’re both getting everything all set before bed..
Then it’s work tomorrow night.
I think I’m going to do a Q&A this week..
So if you’ve ever had anything you wanted to ask.. leave a comment
If you want you can also leave anonymous comment
on my tumblr.. I’m hesitant about that because I know one
annoying stalker cant help but ask questions
no one but that stalker cares about..
I’m sure the rest of you are mature enough though.
Or feel free to leave a comment!
Have a great Sunday everyone!
Oh, and if you find a money tree.. let me know!

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  2. looks like the night was welll worth the money ;)


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