Thursday, March 22, 2012

It’s ok…

It’s Ok….
  • To be a little bit too excited to go for a walk downtown with my man
  • To spend the morning catching up on recorded Jersey Shore episodes
  • To spend too much time trying to decide; curly or straight hair today.
  • To make guacamole for breakfast
  • To plan a nap while Lucas & his dad watch the State game
  • Be totally okay that people see a resemblance between Colton Dixon and Lucas
  • To look in the mirror after a workout and feel fabulous
  • That I haven’t picked up the slack on this blog, I’m trying!!
  • To have a strong bond with my Keurig Brewer
  • To be such an online shopaholic that I know the sound of the UPS and Fedex truck.. so much that I even wake up when I hear it outside.

A quick little update!! 
So yesterday I was on an all nighter.. Not because of school or work.. just because by the time Lucas got home from work and all my talking.. he was sleeping and I was up. The sun was rising and the birds were the most annoying thing in the world. I got ready and then sat and watched stupid t.v shows while Lucas kept telling me “wake me up in 10 minutes”..
I spotted a big fat squirrel… Lucas decided to feed it. But, he made me wait inside until the stupid thing started eating because he was worried I’d scare it away.. really? Yeah. Well, I obviously made my way outside.. it’s a squirrel, not a big deal. Haha.
We headed out to Novi for a food show for Lucas’ work. His parents were there, obviously. It’s interesting to see how much socializing Lucas’ dad has to do at work events since he’s such an important person in that business. It’s also insane to see how huge all of their work events are. It honestly amazes me. Like their Christmas party in Grand Rapids.. thousands of people.. there was so much free food, entertainment, photography.. everything was free. Not to mention the Christmas party was huge.. it took up like this whole building
and had a million different rooms with so much to do in each room.. a different theme for each room.. so much fun.
ANYWAYS, so off topic.. so at this food show.. it was samples of any kind of food you could ever think of. There was so much food. I was so uncomfortably full by the end of the night. I had lots of pickles and desserts! Yum! Lucas found this guy and for the first time in the 20 months that we’ve been together I heard Lucas so excitedly say, “AMANDA TAKE MY PICTURE!!!!!!”…
After, the little Jalapeno Popper dude wanted a hug from me..
So I decided even though I wasn’t looking like a beauty queen, I wanted a picture as well.


Then we went to my parent’s house and my mom made us dinner. My mom has some serious cooking skills. Far too amazing.
Then Lucas and I watched the Red Wings game.. and we both fell asleep for a little bit.
Then we went to see 21 Jump Street.. which was so funny!
After, we enjoyed time together and then I fell asleep with my glasses on and woke up at 10am.
I don’t understand why some people can’t get over their ex. I have never been someone who would find an obsession with my ex’s new chick. I don’t think I’ve ever even cared. Some people are seriously so crazy.
Why is it that crazy people always seem to find a way to latch on to me and never leave me alone? I had someone tell me about this chick, who I’ve been creeped out by, that stalks me and is so obsessed with my every move and word said.. and get this, even would talk about how she wanted to kill me. I know I should be more alarmed.. but I’m not since some people make it very obvious from the start that they have a screw loose. Don’t worry though, I’m not in any kind of danger. I’m not someone who ignores that stuff if it’s serious, I’ve had a restraining order against someone who made me fear for my life. But, in this case.. it more of just extreme obsession and trying to look like a hardass.
I do find it annoying that people like that still want to know about my life and Lucas’ life.. and they read my blog. I don’t understand. It’s the reason why I deleted my formspring and why I don’t use my tumblr. I was sick of anonymous questions that I knew no one except 1 or 2 people would of asked. So many rumors were started when Lucas and I started dating.. and it honestly only brought us closer. He was my best friend before we started dating.. the more rumors we faced, the stronger our relationship got.

But, I don’t care anymore. People are insane and jealous.. and I guess it’s understandable.. Lucas and I are just way too cute. Haha!
OKAY.. sorry about that quick rant.. but I had to.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. I totally understand the whole thing about creepy obsessed girls!
    I hate that people can't just mind their own business or just be happy for others. It's a tad ridiculous if you ask me!
    They're lives must not be that interesting if they're all about yours!

    Yes! You two are adorable haha!!
    Im jealous for sure!

    xxx Jessica

  2. aweee... i love this girlie! your its Ok list is adorable! you've actually inspired me to scribble one down now as well!

    happy thursday! and loving the pic of you! your new hair is absolutely adorable!


  3. You go girl! Lovin' your attitude about creepers! And my online shopping habit is also out of control! haha!

  4. I also have a strong bond with my Keurig Brewer... So we agree that's ok?! :)

    1. Life would not be the same without it! Totally ok!!

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  6. Great post- you two deserve to be happy and that is nobodys business!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


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