Thursday, March 29, 2012

It’s Ok Thursdays!

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s Ok…

That I never want to jump on the whole “YOLO” train

To switch from the half marathon.. to the mini marathon..

That I’m more obsessed with Pinterest than 90% of the people I follow

That I’d rather eat glass than listen to someone chew

To overthink what color I want to paint my nails

To be content with doing absolutely nothing on break between quarters

That I can’t stop watching Law & Order SVU

To think Christopher Meloni is a babe..

To prefer working out at home opposed to the gym

That I enjoy staying up really late; I’m more motivated and creative at that time

To have an easy time writing these that are “ok”

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  1. Is it OK that I just had to google what YOLO is? :)

    1. I did too! I always see people I went to high school with posting YOLO on every status or on every picture caption.. kind of drives me crazy lol!

  2. love these. i work out at home, too, even though we have a gym in our apartment complex. i feel silly about it sometimes :)

    1. My gym is about a 5 minute walk from my house... but, there's something more comforting about working out at home!

  3. I definitely prefer working out at home and OMG yes Christopher Meloni is so sessy!

  4. awe i love this hun! and i really hope you're not offended by my comment on your image the other day! never meant anything by it other than your freakn' gorgeous and sometimes people might read the wrong thing with your words... and that's where i can see the confusion sometimes!
    hope you're having a lovely little day!

    1. Not at all!! The other comment before yours I felt was rude. So sorry if I seemed snappy with you! And thank you :)
      Have a great Thursday!

  5. Oh Christopher Meloni & SUV! I could watch allll day :)

  6. Love me some Christopher Meloni! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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