Saturday, March 24, 2012

I’m such an annoying girl..

I’m waiting for my lovely Lucas to get off work..
So I’m wasting time typing this, in hopes that he’ll be on his way home soon.
We both had to work tonight..
I’m being a little baby about it right now since I have to work tomorrow morning
and all I want to do is just talk to him until I fall asleep since I’m such a girl right now.
I also have the worst worst headache and I’m practically in tears.
I did however come home to these beauties…image

I will not wear these to work like my 3 pairs of red Nike shoes that I’ve ruined.
I’m a total girly girl and when I say I love shoes, it’s not just pumps.. it’s all shoes.
I love absolutely anything red as well.
Obsessed with the Red Wings? Understatement.
Okay, we’ll I’m going to text my gorgeous man and go on and on about how much I miss him and blah blah blah. You’d think that after 2 years I’d settle down on the mushy gushy I’m totally absolutely obsessed with everything about you.. but nope, I can’t seem to stop.  It’s not my fault though. I swear he’s just too perfect.
It’s kind of sad that everyone constantly jokes with me about how all I care about is;
Lucas, the Red Wings, and money.

It’s obviously not true.
I’m also big on family, my puppies and school.
Honestly, I hope every single one of you girls never settles for anyone less than someone that makes me happy and makes you act like a total girl. Believe me, I hated all the mushy gushy crap before Luke. It was all so overrated to me. You’ll never think there’s such a thing as a perfect guy until you find “the one”.
Well, now that I made a total fool of myself..
Goodnight beauty queens!
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  1. this is so absolutely darling.

    i'm the same way!!

    and HEY! never get rid of the mushy stuff ;)

    it's what keeps the relationship so great!

    1. I plan on keeping the mushy stuff forever :)
      Haha, I absolutely love it.

  2. I love those new shoes!! it's great that you still get excited to spend time with him - that's how it should be!


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