Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If you want to impress me.. baby, here’s my plan.. All you got to do is put a drink in my hand.

Have you ever had a dream and the rest of the day you can’t stop thinking about it?
I slept like a baby last night.. but woke up from the worst dream ever.
All day I keep thinking about it. Kept thinking about specific things.
My problem is all of these damn crime shows. I’ve got to stop with this.
Before bed I seriously watch about 5 episodes of Law & Order SVU…
That’s what triggered this dream.

Do you ever wonder why someone appears in your dream? I know sometimes people believe that there's a message behind it.. and in all honestly I’ve always thought the only reason that someone I’ve practically hated for the past 5 years would ever be in my dream would be to piss me off. However there was actually some kind of message in it. So, it really got me thinking. Which, I know I shouldn’t be overthinking a stupid dream. AH.
I am doing some spring cleaning though!
My mom came to check on me and said,
”So, is there a light at the end of the tunnel?”
Haha.. I honestly feel like there isn’t.
How do I have THIS much crap?
Lucas and I are off tomorrow and Thursday!
I’m a little bit too excited to have some lovey time with him!!
I’ve been so moody because of school.. so now is finally a chance
for us to have time together and I won’t be so hard to handle.. haha.
So lucky that he can’t get enough of me.
But, because I was cleaning, I didn’t have time to do a great post.
I’m working on up coming post, currently!
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  1. I get excited every time I see a new post by you! You and Lucas are adorable!

    xxx Jessica


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