Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday’s Letters!

I am excited about this link up!
To be totally honest..
One of the reasons I blog is because I was so inspired by
Ashley’s blog!
And I even own a super cute bracelet from her shop
Fetch & Co
Okay.. and on with the letters..

Dear School, I am actually excited for your Spring quarter to start back up on Monday! Seriously, changing schools has been the most stressful, yet best move I’ve made. I love school. I’ve never been able to say that!

Dear Detroit Red Wings, Don’t you boys let me down tonight! I will be watching you! From lower bowl for the third time this month! You’re playing the team of my future city.. I will never be a Nashville fan though. I love you guys a little too much! Win or lose, I’ll always be the girl that is too obsessed with the Red Wings.

Dear Iphone, I think that by mid April I will be an official owner of you. I’m not very excited. I just can’t stand all the group texts I get sent that I can’t even see. I’m feeling so peer pressured about finally getting you. I love android.. I’m not sure we’ll ever share that relationship. But, we will try.. I guess.

Dear Keurig Brewer, I know I have been neglecting you. But, I’m not even suppose to be consuming much caffeine and you can’t stop forcing me to try a million different coffee flavors. It should be no surprise that with school starting back up, you’ll be back to brewing me yummy coffee too many times a day.

Dear Lucas Blaze, I get to spend 4 of your 5 days off with you! I can’t even wait! Thank you for rubbing my back even though I cried in pain from my pinched nerve.. I think it helped! I’m worried that you might be perfect.. therefor, you’re forever stuck with me. I like that idea. A lot!

Dear Pinched nerve, you can go away.. now!

Dear Tummy of mine, I’m sorry I ate bdubs tonight. I know you’ve been used to healthy food lately and you’re so not happy with the fried pickles I filled you with.. but you were craving them!! 

Dear Nashville, I will be seeing that hockey team of yours tonight.. but I will be seeing you in 29 days! I know you won’t let us down, we’re so excited to see where we will be living!

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  2. GO Red Wings! I am not a huge hockey fan, but that is my family's favorite. p.s. I totally dream of living in TN! Hope you enjoy the game!!!!

  3. Never seen a post like this before, such a good idea! You're so lucky that you're enjoying school.
    By the way, mentioned you in my last post - hope you don't mind!

  4. love this idea. amazing post. thanks for sharing, love. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. xo

  5. I hope your pinched nerves gets better. You are so lucky your man gives you backrubs! Have fun spending time with him! I get to spend the weekend with my boy as well :)

  6. Oh my gosh you are sooo sweet! I was just clicking through all the Fridays letters and when I saw you mentioned me and fetch and co I just got all emotional!!! Seriously, made my day! I hope you get your iPhone! I am addicted to mine! Thanks for linking up lady! Have a fantastic weekend!!


  7. i'm so confused!!

    what is this friday thoughts??

    whatever yours is i love it!!

  8. Hey hun! You should deffo try holographic polishes :D x


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