Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clearing a few things up..

I think it’s time that I have a little talk with my lovely followers..
My last post really opened my eyes to how some of you see me.

1. I am not fat. 

I don’t care what I say, I do not think that I am fat at all. I’m a size 0, come on.. someone better be referring me to a mental hospital if you seriously thought a girl my size could even think she was fat at all.
I eat a LOT. I constantly will say that I’m a fatty or something along those lines because I really do eat a lot. I guess girls are more sensitive with the word “fat”. I feel that if I’m around Lucas I could be chowing down on food and be like, “ah I’m such a fatty!”.. and he wouldn’t be like OH MY GOSH YOU ARE NOT FAT.. Which leads me into..

2. I don’t need compliments to feel good about myself.
 I posted a picture and explained that when I put it in the post it made it smaller and made me look thicker than what I am. I did not say I look fat or that I look thick. I did not ask if any single one of you thought that I was fat.
I was told in a comment that it was clear that I was fishing for compliments…
I’m thinner than what the picture size made me look.. and I didn’t look bad in that picture.. but I did look a little thicker than what I am.
If I thought I looked fat I wouldn’t be wearing short shorts and I would not be posting a picture on the internet for everyone to see.
I don’t want compliments on a picture if I think I look gross.
Because obviously if I think I look bad, I wont believe it.
Thank you all for all the compliments you’ve ever given me.. but my self esteem has nothing to do with what other people think about me.
People are always very opinionated about what I wear or how I do my hair or my weight.. I have always been the kind of girl that if someone said “I like your hair better blonde” I’d die my hair super dark. Because people’s thoughts do not make or break me.

3. I want to workout to tone and eat healthy for my health. 
Once again, I’m not fat.
I do not feel that I need to diet, limit my food intake, or spend my life in the gym.
I lost so much muscle, and honestly toned girls are more attractive than skin and bone.
I want to eat healthy, for my health.
I had a huge health scare due to my caffeine addiction..
Blood tests showed that my liver enzymes were higher than an alcoholic’s..
Skinny people care about their health too.

I’ll share a quick story with you all.
Sometimes I retain water.. and when I retain water it’s almost unbearable. My rings will be stuck on my fingers so badly that they almost cut my fingers.. So I take water pills when I’m retaining water.. which is probably a few days every other month or something. All that water pills do is help get rid of water weight.. not fat. The last time I went to buy water pills the older lady at the register scanned them and said to me, “Hopefully those are not for you”.. I told her they were and asked why and she said, “It disgusts me that your generation would do anything to look like a skeleton”… She was literally so heated over the fact that I was buying water pills.
I think people judge people far too fast.
A lot of people misjudge me
because I’m actually very easy going and I’m very sarcastic

Most people actually look at me and assume I’m a bitch.
I’m not kidding you that people will often tell me that they can’t believe how nice I am..
All because they never gave my personality a chance..

But, I’ve learned to love the people that did take that chance.
I understand some people can’t help but be judgmental.
Or they can’t help but over analyze someone they don’t know yet.

If you read all of that, thank you.
I hope this cleared a few things up.
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  1. Honey the fact that you even took the time to explain yourself in such great detail automatically makes you better than me. I would have given that person a big "kiss my fat ass then mkay" compliment that.. lol. fat or not. Lol. Do you screw them. We are just readers. We dont live your life. You need to explain yourself to no one. =)

  2. I love this, and I love how you feel about everything you said.
    It hits home when you say people automatically assume you're a bitch. I get that ALL the time, and people don't know anything about me. I'm actually the most caring, down to earth girl, I'd give ya the shirt off my back if you felt a chill. Hands down, I love your blog! Don't feel like you need to clear things up with people, you're a great girl!!

    xxx Jessica

  3. I just stumbled onto your blog, but I thought I'd let you know you don't need to justify yourself to anyone! As long as you're happy with yourself the majority of the time (hey, nobody likes themselves always), that's what matters! :)
    There will always be someone ready to offer a critique, but if we all tried to be exactly how other people wanted us to be, no one would be a happy camper.

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  4. Well said, don't worry about negative comments! Some people are just looking to put others down and spread their misery!


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