Monday, February 13, 2012

You find out who your friends are

First things first.
Well, this is actually hard because there's a few things I want to say first..
So I’ll make a choice.. now. Okay!

My Detroit Red Wings have done it!!!
We have tied the record for 20 straight wins at home!
The league mark was set by the Boston Bruins during the 1929-30 season
and matched by Philadelphia in 1976.
Lucas and I will be there and if they win, we have broke the record!!!

A quick little side note on the whole Valentine’s Day thing… I told Lucas not to get me anything. I figured it’s our second Valentine’s Day we don’t really need to be going all out. We’re going to the Wings game, I’m going to bake and get him a few surprises.. but, of course he can’t be a typical guy and just not get me something. All I know is he’s so excited to give me it.. he even had to call my mom a bunch to get her thoughts on it. That’s lovely. Now I have to top it, and I have no idea what it is. I told him I’m going to be a crazy girlfriend for a day and I need his bank statement.. but he laughed that one off.. even though I really would love him bank statement so I can just know what my damn surprise is.
I’m horrible with surprises. If you tell me you have a surprise for me, you better be ready to tell me what it is that second. RAWR.

Also, did anyone of you watch the Grammys? I’m sure most of you did.
My girl Carrie Underwood looked absolutely stunning, but when doesn’t she?

I’m beyond excited that Adele stole the show! I was praying that Lady Gaga wouldn’t win anything. If you know anything about me, you’d know that I can not stand Lady Gaga. She tries way too hard to be Madonna, and claim that she’s original. She grosses me out more than anything. Even the smell of baby poop. Yes, the smell of baby poop.

However, I did enjoy Nicki Minaj’s performance. I thought it was over the top and I feel as if many people will have an issue with it. BUT.. she is original. I like real people.

I do not like Katy Perry. Team Russell Brand right here.
I understand that she claims he out of the blue filed for divorce..
But calm down, he didn’t embarrass you because you’re Katy Perry and
I’m sure unlike me, most people are all Team Katy.
”cause you ripped me off. Your love was cheap, was always tearing at the seams.”
AND, this is where I went off on a Katy rant..
”You can kick the diamond ring. It don’t mean anything anyway”
I’m not sorry about saying this.. but she needs to grow up.
It’s probably worst than Taylor Swift changing her lyrics so she can say to all her “haters” that she’s singing at the Grammy’s and all they are is mean… Oh goodness.

I don’t care if a guy screws you over, or if you’re obsessed with him or whatever.. Let it be. There is no need to make sure everyone in the entire world hears whatever it is that you have to say. Being a catty, dramatic girl isn’t ever cute. I’ve had a guy say a million horrible things about me, I had every rumor you could think of made about me.. and while everyone was turning on me did I once say Hey look at all of these texts and listen to this and look I have a restraining order.. No. I never ever felt the need to justify what was going on. If someone wants to believe someone else over me, they don’t need to see anything from me, I just let them go. Lucas thought me this. He was there for me when all of this was going on and he told me that I need to step back and let it all happen and stop trying to stop it. I thought the man was crazy, but I listened. He had experience with his ex going on and on about him (still to this day I hear about it.. creepy, I know).. But, it ended up working. I lost a LOT of people from my life, but my god.. I’ve never been so happy in my life. You never see how much someone is weighing you down until they’re completely gone from your life. Some friends you really just don’t need.

Okay, so that got a little more detailed than I wanted. I’m great at rambling.

Last thing about the Grammys.. I’m sure I don’t even need to mention it, but of course I will..
The tribute to Whitney Houston.
I hope you all had the chance to watch Jennifer Hudson do an amazing performance.
I cried my eyes out, for a long time.
I think that was one of the most touching things I’ve watched in a long while.
It breaks my heart to hear about her daughter’s break down. It breaks my heart to hear about all of it.

Well, I don’t want to leave on an emotional note.. but I figured I’d end with that because we all need to be grateful for each and every person in our lives. Sometimes life doesn’t seem fair, and there are no guarantees. All we can do is make the best of it and never forget to tell your loved ones just how much they mean to you.

I will be updating tomorrow.. and hopefully, almost every day this week!

I’m making Lucas a Valentine’s Day card now.. can’t wait to show you guys!


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  1. I so missed the grammys :( So i will be updating myself online very shortly. Im excited to read about your valentines day! I want to know what your getting. lol. But I can definitly relate to not giving into the rumor mill... its hard not too, but we win in the end. <3.

  2. I can't wait to find out what your surprise is!! And congrats on the Red Wings! That's so exciting :)

  3. I watched it and Carrie ALWAYS looks perfect :) -Melissa


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