Friday, February 3, 2012

We can live like Jack and Sally, if we want.

I have been blog slackin’!
I’m pretty good at that.. oops!
Do you see that face he’s making? Haha.

Last night we were laying around and since I’m a pro-online shopper, I had to help him find this blanket he wanted. He was so excited about this but since it’s coming in my name because I used my paypal account.. he made sure to act like a five year old and tell me that I can’t open it because he wants to, because he doesn’t ever get packages in the mail.
I guess I can’t really make fun of him for that since that one of the main reasons that I online shop…
We I had some macbook fun.
 Untitled 1
Photo on 2012-02-02 at 23.38
Photo on 2012-02-02 at 23.35
Photo on 2012-02-02 at 23.37
Photo on 2012-02-02 at 23.36
We have more.. I just need to get them off his computer whenever I remember.

So my mom bought me this awesome lip gloss that has a light and a mirror..
AND Nicki Minaj polish!
I read reviews that said this glitter one was horrible and didn’t look right on anything.
I tried it over the blue.. and it looks awesome. I was scared that I’d look 5.. but it’s actually cute.

This is a little brighter then it looks. Don’t mind that I clearly did a horrible paint job.
Right next to my Mom’s salon.. this little boutique opened up!
After school today I stopped by…


Last picture… My mom sells Avon.. and if you’ve never used their make up.. you’re really missing out. I don’t mind spending big bucks if it’s good make up.. but with Avon, all of their products are so cheap! Plus, amazing quality! Here’s some of my newest finds..

Well, I better get in the shower now. Can not wait to have some more time tonight with my man! Although, I do have a lot of homework to get done.. We’re going on a quick date. La la la loveeeyyyy love!
Have you guys started planning your Valentine’s Day?! I love Valentine’s Day! Actually.. I just love making treats and spoiling my bubba! We’re going to the wings game, which is our idea of a perfect date!
Have a fun Friday night, my loves!


  1. Online shopping is my favorite!!

  2. I am obsessed with online shopping! Also, I love the Nicki collection. It's just fun!

  3. Really fun photos :)

    Ah everything you picked up in the boutique is lovely!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  4. Very cute pictures! and lovely black top xxxxx

  5. I'm not a Wings fan, but I'm sure if the Aves were playing near me that would be my Valentine's day with my boy. Instead, we will be in the wonderful NYC, and will be seeing 2 Rangers games while we're there :)

  6. NYC will be so much fun!!! Lucky you!!!

  7. I usually wear "higher end" cosmetics, but I'm pretty much obsessed with Avon's Glazewear in Darling Pink.

  8. I used to sell avon back in the day and loved it. May have to try it again. Thanks for the reminder!


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