Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today is my birthday!!!


Which means, it’s okay

To wear my hair extra big.

To take it a little too far with my Wings gear

To buy myself some Birthday gifts

To make myself some cupcakes
(Yes, currently I am)

To make a playlist full of 90’s hits

To constantly find ways to mention that it’s my Birthday

To over enjoy my free Birthday drink at Starbucks

To leave my lab a little early to avoid traffic for the game
(After all.. 8 hours of school on my Birthday.. not fair.)

To pay attention to who says Happy Birthday on Facebook
(You never talk to me.. but thanks? and “happy bd” is not acceptable.)

To take note that in 365 days I can drink legally in America

To take 50 too many pictures

To use the excuse “But, it’s my Birthday”

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  1. Happy Birthday! I had a countdown to my 21st on my phone and then once it hit I had nothing to look forward to. Haha. Have a great day and eat lots of cupcakes! :)

  2. Happy Birthday dear!! May it be a memorable one :)


  3. Happyyyy Birthdayyyyy !!
    Hope you have a brilliant day and get spoiled rotten!

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and that it's the best birthday yet!

  5. Happy Birthday hunny ((: today you deserve to have the happiest day ever! && I know what you mean about the "happy bd" on FB. A lot of people write "HBD" and i just think it's so rude!


    have a sexy day and post pics soon!!

    love always! XO

  7. hahaha you're so cute.

    best day ever for those excuses!!!
    love it!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!!
    Hope you have a great day!! Can't wait to see the haul!!


  9. Wow looks like you had a great day.

    Can't believe you have to be 21 to do anything over there, over here in little old New Zealand you can drink etc when you turn 18.



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