Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I work out.

Everyone is talking about dieting and working out.
It’s almost making my head spin.
Yeah.. Miss I have to run 13.5 miles straight in 67 days..
I need to get my butt motivated.
Pinterest is helping.
So are all of you!! Thanks!

I’ve always said by the time I’m 20 I want to be the skinniest I’ve ever been..
Well, 2 days short of being 20.. I’ve reached my goal.
However, now I want to be the fittest.
Why are we so focused on getting skinny?
I love my body.. but I want to be strong and feel great!
Girls that are in shape are far more attractive than girls that are just skinny.

I need to make a lot of changes in my lifestyle.
I eat great.. but I need to do better than this.

What keeps all of you motivated?

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  1. Ahhh you will do great in that half marathon! I am currently training for one this summer however a week of being sick has put a HUGE crimp in my routine. I never thought I would WANT to go running, but heck...look what this training has done to me. Haha. And what is funny is that I usually go on pinterest when I don't feel like going to the gym and then BAM I get up and go. Inspiration at its finest :)

  2. OMG - I always say the same thing about how I want to be the skinniest I've ever been by the time I'm 20 LOL I always say that I want to be the hottest and skinniest I've ever been by the time I turn 20. Which is a definite goal of mine. And Pinterest is such a great site for staying motivated.

  3. I always feel a lot better if I'm staying physically fit! I have more energy and I just feel healthier. That's my motivation!

  4. a great playlist! set very small goals. it motivates to complete the next one.

  5. Awesome! I've decided to indulge in things with natural sugars instead the usual dessert or candy. Like strawberries! You look great. -Melissa

  6. You look great! I work at a Pilates studio, and I completely agree that being fit is better than being thin. Some of the most attractive women are curvy, but strong! :) And, depending on one's genes, slenderness will come with fitness.

  7. Watching the Bachelor and seeing most of the girls with their perfectly shaped/toned legs has been motivating me, haha! Looking forward to little vacations where I'll be sporting a bikini helps motivate me as well!
    I think when you're more focused on being fit than skinny, you're more willing to work hard. Make sense?


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