Monday, February 20, 2012

I think you got me where you want me.

Hi loves!
I’m actually relaxing, about to put on some Netflix and call it a night!
I need to get some laundry together first, and of course update all of you.
Not that anything exciting happened..

So yesterday, I came home from work.. exhausted!
Lucas and I took my mom out to dinner since my dad was sick.
I was the world biggest bitch.
I’m not kidding either. I was feeling so sleep deprived and horrible!
I was so mean, and so rude.. very embarrassing to admit.
I get home, take everything out on Lucas..
I start crying about how badly I wanted to go see The Vow.
Most people probably would of told me off and called me names I deserved.. but not Lucas.
Lucas, looks up movie times and tells me when the next one is and that he’s taking me.
You’d think I’d be grateful that he handled my crazy bitch mood swing..
I cried, and I complained.. and then the best thing that could ever happen for Lucas that night..
I fell asleep. For 6 hours!
I woke up.. and it was 230am.. so I went to bed.
Lucas stayed up watching t.v and tickling my back and playing with my hair…

Honestly, I still feel absolutely horrible for being the worst girlfriend ever last night. I’m not making any excuses, believe me. But, I was so slept deprived and I’ve been so stressed lately that I honestly just wasn’t myself. I couldn’t handle anything. Even when Lucas was doing everything he could to make me happy.. I was still being a crazy, absolutely insane, bitch.

I woke up at 9:55 am.. Yup, 5 minutes before my staff meeting.
I jumped out of bed, grabbed my glasses, brushed my teeth as I was walking down the stairs..
And rushed to work.
After a very positive meeting, I had to finish my 8 page essay.
I watched my Red Wings make the recorder even bigger.. 23 straight home games!!
And then I went to work at 4.

I have a very busy day tomorrow!
And I need to clean up this mess of a place I have…
It’s going to take weeks.. I need to get something done by tomorrow though.

I am the Birthday girl in 3 days!!!
On my Birthday I have class 9am-5pm.. then I have to rush home..
and then my man is taking me to the Red Wings game!!

In honor of my birthday week.. I’ll need some fun posts this week.
I will be planning some so I can keep you all entertained!

I also need to start buying myself some Birthday gifts!!
What shall I get myself?
I’m thinking…
Belly Button rings
Yoga Pants
A Camera
Something Red Wings

Hmm.. maybe I’ll find so good online deals tomorrow.
If I do, I’ll be sure to fill you all in!

If you girls know of any great online deals right now, fill me in!!!
I love all things girly!
Even if it’s not deals.. I always love finding new stores.

Okay, I promise.. this is my last pointless post of the week!


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  1. Ah we all have those days - Lucas was very sweet :)

    I hope your birthday week is lots of fun!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. Hope your feeling better! So lucky you have a great guy like Lucas to take care of you, hope you have a great birthday!

    Lacey xoxo

  3. Aww good for Lucas for being so sweet to you!! We all have bad days so it's okay! Have a happy birthday!!


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