Monday, February 20, 2012

How crazy are you?


Just curious about how you guys feel about this..


I had a girl I know, told me all about how she put a tracking device
on her husband’s cell phone.
He doesn’t know it.
She keeps a poker face when it comes to checking up on him.

Do you guys think that’s taking it too far?
I think it’s interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts on this stuff.
I know I and Lucas have both had past relationships where we weren’t trusted.
He had an ex who had to see his phone all the time and would try and break it if there was a number she didn’t know…
I’ve had relationship where I had to give them all my passwords..
it made things very tense.


Do you think knowing a password is enough to keep your mind from ever wondering?

Or do you have to actually log onto their email, phone records and facebook?

Do you even feel the need to have their password?

How about who he talks to.. does that matter to you?

And if you have any comments or thoughts, be honest.
I’ll share my honest thoughts tonight on this as well.

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  1. My husband knows all my passwords and I know all of his.. We've both had psycho ex's and we don't want to keep anything from each other! We don't go checking each others emails, phones, etc. but we like to have that option if it ever came down to it. Make sense?

  2. I think it's ridiculous that women (and men) do such a thing. If you're in a relationship and feel the need to go through your significant others Facebook account, e-mail account, cell phone records, etc., it's clearly not a healthy relationship. My husband has all of my passwords and I have all of his but that doesn't mean we lurk at each others accounts. We trust each other completely.

    And, as far as who my husband speaks to; we've had the same group of friends since we were kids, therefore my friends are his friends and his friends are my friends. Of course, we each have an ex that we don't want each other speaking to and we respect each other enough to avoid contact with them at all cost.

    We do a good job speaking openly about what's bothering us and we work together on correcting the issues we have. I can happily say, we keep nothing from each other.

    In all honesty, I think the girl you know is taking it too far. Rather than going behind her husband's back and tracking his every move, she should sit down and talk to him about how she feels and why she feels the way she does. If she can't do that, then why are they together?

  3. I think crazy girlfriends are simply irritating!! Guys should have their privacy to an extent, but if he's not completely open with his girl friend already obviously he doesn't want to be ? obviously he doesn't want her to be in that part of his life ? obviously he doesn't truly want her. So she should just let it go. I could totally go on and on about this topic but I'll end up sounding crazy LOL but I definitely think relationships should naturally have a lot of openness. people should share passwords and talk about random conversations with exes or whatever because they want to, because they want that openness.

  4. Thats all just way too much to be honest. The girl with the tracking device has serious issues, that she is only making worse. Thats no way to build on the trust issues she already has. As for the passwords. I think there should ever be an issue of having it. If you ask, ill give. Im not going to just hand it to you though. There shouldnt be any hiding or making a big deal of as long as both parties are honest.

    However, to play devils advocate, if you were to switch phones for a day, what do you think the outcome of the day would be?

  5. I enjoyed reading all of your responses!

    I personally believe that a tracking device is insane. I find it very easy to be open with someone I'm with, if I'm truly happy. If Lucas wanted to see my phone and read all of my text messages, go for it.. however, he never does. I'm open about my passwords. There is nothing to be found because I have nothing to hide. He has a hard time with the openness but only because he doesn't want to be in a relationship like his past where there was no trust. For example when we first started dating.. I'd steal his phone to leave cute notes for him and at first he was so concerned with me being on his phone because he thought I was using it to check up on him. The boy has nothing to hide, but he's big on trust. We had a time where his ex-girlfriend pretended that she was hanging out with him. She'd go on and on about conversations she'd have with him and really weird stuff that kind of shows someone can really be that insane. Well, 90% of the time that he was apparently hanging out with her and calling her.. he was actually with me. I know how he feels about me.. and if that isn't assurance enough, something is wrong. I didn't have to check his phone records, even though if I wanted to look he'd be annoyed but allow it.

    I guess I just feel like in a relationship, I should be able to say let me see your phone or let me read your e-mails and he should have no issue allowing me to see. And although he is okay with handing his phone over or letting me look through anything, doesn't mean that I should do it or even want to do it. Knowing that he doesn't have anything to hide if I asked, is enough for me. Having a password doesn't give you the right to look through anything.

    I'm not sure if I explained it as well as I wanted to.. it might of made me sound crazy. Bottom line, in our relationship we believe that we shouldn't do or say anything we wouldn't in front of the other. At the end of the day, if there is no trust.. there is no relationship.


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