Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day gives me an excuse to be extra girly and cute. I can bake and make everything look all pretty. I can go crazy with pink, red and hearts! Chocolate is something everyone must over consume on this day, and I love that! Boyfriend or not, Valentine’s Day is awesome!

I’m so damn lucky to have such an amazing Valentine.. two years in a row!
I can not wait to spend tonight with him!
Ohh, he’s so cute!
And yes.. I’m still DYING to know what my surprise is..
He claims it’s not a big deal..
Last year before he gave me my Tiffany & Co ring he said it wasn’t a big deal.
He also described my G-Shock, Ray bans, Juicy Couture necklace and tickets to see Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and Jake Owen as “not a big deal”..
He told me not to spend more than $5 dollars because that’s how much he spent..
He even told me it was a t-shirt from a store called “The $5 Store”
Not funny.

My mom bought Luke and I Red Wing Doughnuts.. yum!
She also made Crab legs, muscles, and steak tonight!
My mom is no joke the best cook ever.. so it was amazing!

I’m not sure why I’m still up at 3am.. I have to be up in 4 hours for school.
Lucas is at work, but leaving soon..
I should be asleep.

Anyways, I decided to post some old pictures of Lucas and I.
I can’t believe how much we’ve changed. Gosh.
Our hair, our weight.. DANG.

I hope you all have a fab Valentine’s Day!
Remember that on Wednesday candy is going to be so cheap, yay!!!










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  1. amazing how much things can change over the years! Adorable. Happy valentines day. <3

  2. You and Lucas are so cute!

    Hope you had a great Valentines day together :)

  3. Adorable. And I am totally hittin up the candy sales tomorrow. Haha! -Melissa

  4. Ahh jealous of those country tickets! I would die over those. Have a great day! Just found your blog and am excited to follow along :)

  5. You, guys, are extremely adorable and look gorgeous together! Happy Valentine!!!

  6. Hello! I'm a farely new blogger/writer and I just added myself to your followers for support, Maybe you could come follow me too?
    Emily from http://emilymmeyers.blogspot.com/

  7. Happy late valentines day :) you guys are sooo cute <33


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