Sunday, February 5, 2012


I work at a sports bar.
I have to dress up for major sporting games, which I never mind doing.
I’m a crazy Detroit Red Wings fan. I think that’s obvious.
I am NOT an any other sport fan.. (great grammar on that, I know)
So, I go to the store.. ask the boy toy which team I’m rooting for
then I decide if I want that team by seeing if their shirt is cute..
Here is my team I’m “rooting” for…


I made great money last night.. I plan on repeating that tonight!
Happy Super Bowl to all of you football fans!


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  1. YES! GO GIANTS!!!! I am a new yorker! Thought I wouldnt see any posts about super bowl sunday besides mine lol


  2. That shirt looks cute. Hope you will make lots of money with it tonight :)

  3. I would have the exact same method haha.

    Hope you make lots of money!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  4. hi I saw a post on another blog where you've shown your love for leopard print check out my pink leopard print eye tutorial please hope you like xxx

  5. I didn't care for either team either! But it was still a fun night. Cute shirt and banking at work is always a plus!!

  6. Such a cute shirt! Wish I could be so comfy at my job :) haha Fun blog!

  7. Thanks everyone!! I had a great time last night and make great money!! So glad that the team with the cuter shirt won ;)

  8. You do NOT have "thunder thighs" they don't even touch. So you can suck on that. You are gorgeous. Your blog is fun too. THanks for your comment.

  9. I bet you looked super cute! Love that. I used to work in a sports bar too!

    Great blog! Following you now.

    XO - Jami
    Imagine Design Blog
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  10. Love it! :)


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