Friday, February 10, 2012

Dear lovely followers of mine,

I’m still here! Alive and well!
I have been stressed to the max and crazy busy!
This week was midterms.. so much studying.
I work ALL weekend.. I’m so exhausted…
Last night I was able to spend time with my man, much needed!

I’ve been reading all of your comments and I SWEAR I’m going to be replying and all that.. I just haven’t even had time to check my e-mail.. I’ve been THAT stressed and busy.

Also, don’t ever hesitate to tell me to check out your blog if I’m not following you! Chances are, if I’m not following you it’s because I don’t realize I’m not. I’m loving all these new followers I’m gaining, you guys are so damn nice and gorgeous!

I’m going to be a better blogger, I’ve got to work on my time management skills a little better,

I’ll try and update you guys on everything tomorrow or Sunday!!


Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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  1. Don't be stressed! Be glad mid-terms are over! :)

  2. Don't stress out - relax and enjoy yourself. Exams are over, hope you had a fab night with your other half :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  3. I just tagged you! I hope you do the tag!


  4. Sometimes life just takes over doesn't it?! Haha, just found your blog and love it, can't wait for more posts from you ~<3
    Zoe xoxo

  5. love the blog!


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