Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 hours until my big day!!!

I’m trying to be more excited..
Honestly right now I’m just not feeling it.
It sounds stupid because so many people have done great things for me.
I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures tomorrow of everything.
I’ll be honest. I hate how distant people I used to be best friends with can be. I’ve grown older and I know that I can’t hold onto these people. I understand that people change. But, I don’t have to like it.

So tonight I get a message from this guy who thought I’d totally be willing to disrespect Lucas and flirt with this guy and hook up with him. Obviously, I’m practically obsessed with Lucas.. well, maybe not practically, I’m obsessed. I’m not going to even flirt with another guy because I can’t even bring myself to dig someone other than my bubba. I remembered him pulling the “things aren’t going well with my girlfriend and I” line with my old best friend.. so I text her to gossip.. no response. So I text my old guy best friend (We all used to be best friends together.. the three of us).. I told him all about the dude who messaged me and then mentioned how I text her and she must have been busy. He said he’d text her and see if he gets a response.. and of course, he did. It’s kind of said that I had to hear through him that she misses me and wants us all to hang out soon.. I shouldn’t be taking it so personally, you know? I’m busy and lot and I’m practically a pro at reading a text and forgetting to respond.. but ahh, whatever.
I have the biggest headache right now. Allison and I are at Starbucks. We always sit at the high top so we’re away from everyone and can chat, and get work done.. today everyone wants to be our friends. The past 3 hours these ladies have been sitting at our table.. talking nonstop. Probably late 20’s but talking about facebook and dating and seriously about 40 different guys. At this point, there are so many open tables I just do not understand why they don’t take their conversation to another table. Anytime I say something to Allison, they stop and kind of just stare at me.. Sorry we’ve been here since 6, you joined out table.. there are plenty of tables for you to move. Goodness.

Maybe I need a huge attitude adjustment. I’m not sure why I’m so down.

I did have a doctor’s appointment today and everything went great! So happy. It’s so nice to one time go to the doctor’s and not have to worry about how many follow up visits I need to reschedule and I don’t have to spend tomorrow with anxiety worrying about my doctor calling me up with huge concerns on my blood work. I’m grateful for that.
Also, yet another person has told me I look like Gretchen Rossi.. Which made me so happy, yet I know it’s not true… However when my hair is pulled back the way it was today and how hers was last night, I can kind of see it… I also never realized that her ex fiance who died was the dad of a kid I went to school with.. small world.





Ugh. I love her.
I should probably work on some post for this week. I’ve never scheduled posts.. I think I should give it a try so I can be a better blogger.

I think I’m about to go home… I’m not feeling it tonight and I feel so exhausted.

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