Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My blog needs a new look.

I did try and work on that the other day, but error after error.. I gave up.

Maybe tonight I shall try again.. maybe.

I have to get moving. My mom is going with me to my school so I can get the rest of my books. Well.. for whatever reason, my parents are paying for them. So thankful for them. We already ordered 3 from chegg.. which the total was $300. At the book store it will be another $300.. however, thanks to chegg the total for my books will be $600.. and not over $1,000 like it would be if I bought them all from the store.

After I need to try a few more pharmacies to get my prescription filled. This shortage is kicking my butt. Hopefully I'll have the success I've had the past few months. I'm praying!

I also need to do some grocery shopping because I'm about to be on a health kick. I spent over an hour last night getting recipes for smoothies. Healthy smoothies. Go me!

I saw this picture on tumblr.. and this is just totally the story of my life...

Have a great day everyone!!