Monday, January 16, 2012

We made love as the waves rolled in. And we owned that town for one weekend.

I'm not very happy with the fact that it's 1am and I'm wide awake.
Last night I worked and we were there until 430am.. then I had to be back at work today at 11am. I didn't get off work until after 6pm. I work tomorrow night and then I'm back to my crazy school and work schedule. Stressed, to say the least.

I love school. This is a first for me. I'm so excited about it. For once I actually want to wake up and spend hours at school. It's a big changed from the community college I was attending. It's by far much more challenging than the school I went to before. I think I'm up for the challenge though, I can do this!

Thursday was amazing! Lucas and I went to the Red Wings game with my parents. 

When we got there.. I threw a fit because we weren't one of the first 7,500 people in the door.. those people all got Dan Cleary bobbleheads.. and if you know anything about me, you'd know I have a horrible obsession with Dan Cleary. 

He even knows it, I embarrassed the hell out of myself TWICE and mid conversation with him told him I was in love with him and obsessed with him.. and he even told me I'm his number one fan. ANYWAYS... So yeah, I'm a total spoiled brat and I'm sure Lucas and my parents were trying to come up with a plan to get my my bobblehead. I started telling Lucas my evil plans about how I would steal someone's bobblehead or how I'd make someone feel uncomfortable.. I can be am very dramatic when I don't get what I want. Lucas walks away from me to call his dad.. at first, I was not happy... At this point I had a lot of horrible plans and no one to share them with.. Lucas decides he's going to meet me at the seats. The princess was not happy.. BUT, about 5 minutes later.. here comes my prince charming with the blue sheet I needed to get my Dan Cleary bobblehead! Isn't Lucas just so damn perfect? Yes, I know he is.

Well, the game was absolutely amazing! We went into overtime and even had a shoot out.. and we won!
Here's some pictures from Thursday night..

I love my Bubba! :)

In between school, work and all my other life stresses.. I'm trying so hard to be a better blogger. I have a lot of things I want to blog about, it's just finding time to do it.

I also plan to scrapbook! I have so much stuff (and I just ordered more)! Making a scrapbook for Lucas really reminded me how much I love doing all that cute, crafty stuff. I've started following a lot of blogs that are all about scrapbooking, it's getting me pumped up! I hope that doesn't make me old.. haha

WOW. I'm watching Criminal Minds, I'm a nerd like that. This lady gets rear ended, gets out of her car.. they say they're going to exchange info and while she's looking for her stuff he knocks her out. I'm very paranoid about people. Maybe it's not a good thing.. but then again, maybe it is. You can't really trust strangers in this world. You never know. The other day I was telling this girl I worked with that I get nervous when I go somewhere around school when I'm on my break.. It's really not a BAD area.. but it's very close to areas that I wouldn't leave get out of my car. Keep in mind I was brought up in a great neighborhood.. so I'm not trying to be a stuck up bitch.. I'm just cautious. Plus, I'm a girl I'm delicate and I hit really hard.. but, if Lucas can just pick me up and move me with no struggle even when I'm doing my best to be dead weight.. than I'm sure other people could do the same.. AH! I don't like that. The girl from work came up to see me when I was working today.. and she had a present for me...
 Yes! Now I'm prepared! :)

I have this horrible cough, it's so bad I'm actually in pain from it.. my chest and back hurt. Maybe I should attempt to call it a night.

I'll plan a few great updates for this week, since I'm not being a very fun blogger. :P



  1. Sounds like a fun game! And that's funny about the scrapbooking thing because I recently started subbing to craft blogs and was thinking the same thing!

  2. I totally have that same pepper spray, PINK baby! :)


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