Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Venting because I'm all emotional, tired and a girl.

I'm sorry for all of you new followers who read this and think I'm such a crazy women.. I just can't sleep right now and I can't think of anywhere to just vent. 

I honestly love all of you on here.. I think you're all far too amazing and just.. real. Other social networking sites have annoyed me because everyone is trying so hard to impress everyone. I like it here because it's all about finding people who can relate to the person you really are and not some souped up version of you on the internet. I'm so sick of seeing how fake people can be. Personally, I don't give a damn if you are 250 pounds, face full of acne and the most insecure girl in the world.. you might be the nicest girl around with a million great traits.. Why should I or anyone else care about your weight or your looks? Who am I to judge someone? Because this world is so judgmental and stupid, people are so insecure about themselves that they feel the need to lie about their life to make it seem better to other people. I know what it feels like to be called fat and ugly. I've had girls who are heavier than I am call me fat. If you have to judge someone for the way they look, you are very insecure and pathetic. Over the years I've grown to hate social networking.. until now. I'm honestly so glad I found somewhere that I'm not judged for being who I am. No one in this world is perfect, and it's nice to surround myself with many strong people who are mature enough to embrace their flaws and people who are so accepting of others.

I'm not sure why I'm such a crazy girl tonight. Haha. I'm seriously missing Lucas so much right now. I'm like blowing up his phone while he's at work with a million texts.. (he keeps his phone in his locker since he works in the freezer and it would break.. don't worry I'm not that crazy of a girl, I'd never blow up his phone if he actually had access to it)

I have to be up for school in 5 hours.. I'm exhausted but I can't sleep.

I guess Netflix it is...

This week I promise to keep it interesting and update this with more than updates on how much I miss Lucas or how tired and stress I am. I've been lame, I'll admit it!

Goodnight beauty queens <3


  1. lady.
    seriously, you are a girl after my own heart. P.S you're allowed to be emotional and vent. It's your blog. I may or may not have been overly emotional lately and that's why I can relate. Either way. Love the blog. Love you. Wish we lived closer.



  2. if you didnt act like a crazy girl who vented and random hours of the night, I wouldn't be following you. hahaha. I love that you keep it real!

  3. love the blog! - and completely agree with this post. I am so glad I found blogging bc facebook is what i call 'bragbook'


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