Friday, January 27, 2012

Sleep Bear…


Can you believe that it’s almost my birthday?!

27 more days…

Then I’m an old lady. Goodbye youth..

Since I’m an old lady.. I’m trying to eat better.. Lots of my crazy smoothies.






Do you guys use Chia Seed and Flaxseed in your diet?
I just started, and I’ve got to say I’m happy I did!

I’ve got to admit.. I’m having a really hard time updating right now.
Wednesday night I slept for less than an hour! Last night because I had a huge essay to write, I pulled an all nighter…

Lucas is awake now, so I really need to wrap this up so I can spend some time with him.. I’m sure I’ll be sleeping.


Oh, crap! I almost forgot.. This is what happens when I plan on just “looking” at the store…



^ $100 zip-up.. It was on sale for CHEAP, I had to buy it!

^ This is SO furry and soft! AH!


So, that was the stuff I accidently bought.



Yesterday, I was rocking sweats and very messy hair. I was also rocking a food baby!
Hahaha, oh life is great.


Alright. Time to get moving. I really need to just lay down…



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  1. umm I am going to punch you ;) you are not almost old. I'm the one turning 26 on sunday.

    p.s you are so skinny. Jealous. that is one thing we do not have in common ;)

  2. hahaha, I do that all the time.

    "I just want to look" and then I'm screwed. You would think I would learn but no.

    Happy Early birthday! I love birthday presents in the mail :)

  3. LOL I always accidentally do that!! I'm kind of confused as to where the food baby is in your picture? Haha your so tiny!!

  4. Maybe I'm just at a good angle... I swear I eat more than anyone I know.. I should have a Santa belly!

  5. Old lady?! I must be ancient. 30 is awesome though, just wait!! You're baby?! Love your blog; new follower. :D

  6. Thanks so much for following me! I'm your newest follower:)

  7. I love this! Cute blog!

  8. All you new followers are amazing! SO excited to be following you all as well! :) <3


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