Thursday, January 12, 2012

The lazy girl's cheat sheet for getting ready

If you're anything like me, getting ready can be a long process. I'm the biggest profectionist. I can spend hours doing my make up, or painting my nails.. simply because I want everything perfect.

However, lately.. I don't want to get ready. I want to lay in bed or do anything else instead of getting ready. The other day someone made a comment about how I must spend hours getting ready.. it totally made me laugh.. so I decided to share some simple things that I do in order to get ready in no time.


When I have no time to get ready, makeup is the simplest part of my routine.

When I'm trying to pull off looking like I didn't spend 4 minutes on my makeup I make sure my eye shadow draws attention. But, nothing too drastic. 
Pretty much use any colors and do a smokey eye. Using different size brushes makes this really easy because you can add color to any part of your eye lid.
I don't use eye liner 95% of the time. I use eye shadow. 
I get many comments about how awesome my "eye liner" looks.. it's really just eye shadow that matches my lids. 
For example if I'm using pink eye shadow I'll use a light pink to put under my bottom lashes, I make it a little thicker than I would normal eye liner because it's not dark and won't make me look like a raccoon. I take a darker pink and put it right under my lashes as if it was eye liner.
Then just load on a great mascara. ;)

A pony tail takes less than 5 minutes to do, and you CAN make it look attractive. 
The one picture can not be shown in color because my roots look horrible!!! (I get them done ever 2 weeks) I did get them done today.. so no worries!

First, tease the crap out of your hair. Curl the pony tail if you'd like or even keep it straight. Make it big, make it messy.

I know that I have an insane amount of lotions and sprays.. but it always feels great to be able to change up your scent.

I seem to have these days 2-3 times a week.. so I make sure I'm prepared for them.

Having a great smile is always something great to look at. It's simple too!

Wash your face daily, do a few face masks whenever you have a chance. If you have clear skin all the time that will be one less thing you'll have to worry about.

Another simple thing that will make people think that you actually spend time on your looks.. even if you're having a lazy day. I change up my polish about 2 times a week. It's so simple to learn how to do cute designs too!

And that's about it! I need to get going to bed because tomorrow, I can't have a lazy getting ready morning. I'm at school 9am-5pm and then I have to rush home so we can leave for the Wings game.. so I have to be ready before school. Blah!
Have a great Thursday!!!!

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  1. Aaaaahh! The picture with the perfumes and lotions is a picture after my heart.


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