Friday, January 20, 2012

It's the freakin' weekend!

I have tonight and tomorrow to kick back and relax!
I am so excited! Of course I do have a lot to get done.. 
but no school and no work!

I had a 4 hour class this morning.. then I had to run to Target to get gloves because tomorrow at the Red Wings Game they're asking people to bring new gloves for the organization Mittens for Detroit!!!
That's 8 people that will now have gloves! Which is awesome! I wonder how many will be donated tomorrow night.

After that, I went and did some shopping for myself.
My new Nine West purse!
A comfy blazer by Jessica Simpson.
THESE because I need to start organizing and I love animal print, duh.

Yesterday was a long day at school. After I watched the game with Lucas and his dad. Then Lucas ordered some pizza since I forgot to eat all day..

Oh and I think this is the last picture.. this was from Wed. night. All my Trader Joe's goodies...

I wanted to go to the Auto Show tonight but I found out it's Family Day and it'll probably be stupidly busy. So I suggested we go to the Ice Festival.. but it's too damn cold! Last year Lucas didn't want to go and even made jokes about how I'm a 5 year old at heart... so I told him we're not going tonight and he told me, "Dress warm, don't be a wimp!"

Apparently I'm going to see how many layers of clothes I can wear.

I will be an old lady in 34 days... :(
And, I will be in NASHVILLE with the love of my life in 99 days!

Okay guacamole making then shower time!

I hope you all stay cozy and warm..

Have an awesome Friday night!!!


  1. YAY for Target!!

    Happy Weekend, love!


  2. My gosh the food looks amazing!! LOL and your new purse is so pretty.

  3. Yay! Everyone loves the purse! I was so excited about it!!!!

    The bins are from TJ MAXX!!! $5.99 each! I know they have similar ones at Target!


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