Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'd sure hate to break down here.

Can we first talk about how much I love all my new followers?
I'm even following some amazing new blogs!
I'm getting the nicest comments and I was even nominated for the Liebster Award!
I will be making my own nominations, probably this weekend! 
However, just because I'm so excited that I was nominated by an amazing girl, with a fab blog I fell in love with overnight (literally).. I want all of you to check it out!
Her name is Aubrey and this is her blog ( The Kinch Life )
Reading her about me page almost scares me.. I find myself thinking, "OMG ME TOO!" to almost everything! You'll love her, I know it!  I'll be mentioning her again when I do my Liebster Award post!

Anyways, today was not such a great day. I woke up feeling horrible.
It honestly took me 2 hours to finally get out of bed.
I went to my kitchen and made myself a smoothie.
I do know that 99.9% of smoothie recipes will not say "throw every fruit you currently have in a blender".. but I do it anyways. I add a little juice, greek yogurt, and maybe frozen yogurt.. blend it up.. and I'm good to go.

Then I decided to be a big girl and actually take all of my daily vitamins.
Yes.. some of them are gummy. I'm not 5.. I get really sick from taking that kind of vitamin in pill form, I don't know why. Also if you look at my pinky you'll see my super ugly scar that strongly dislike.
5 months ago my scar was this..

My first stitches experience!
Good thing the ER doctor numbed me, had a nurse clean it out, let me bleed all over everything and an 45 minutes later came back when I was no longer numb and gave me stitches. Isn't that so kind of him? He wanted me to always remember the first time I got stitches! He even so kindly asked me, as I was balling my eyes out and biting my other arm, if I was in pain because if I was he needed to numb it more.. when I said "YES!!!!!!!" he explained to me that I wasn't feeling pain, just pressure. I was so nauseous from the pain I was in. Now I'm terrified of ever getting hurt again. So for all of you who thought the numbing shot was the worst part.. wait till it wears off, then get stitches.

Way off topic.

I guess that's why I shouldn't be blogging, studying, catching up on my recorded shows and painting my nails all at 2:30 am.. I have class tomorrow 9am-5pm. I kind of like that it's like a 30 minute drive.. it gives me time to actually wake up. I do not like that whenever I'm running late, traffic is always super bad. I'm kind of an aggressive driver. I think I'm a great, cautious driver.. but I have the most unattractive language when I'm behind the wheel. I spend so much time wondering why everyone is so stupid on the road.. I swear, if everyone drove like me.. things might go a little smoother.. haha. Lucas constantly makes fun of me, and mocks me.. Driving is just too damn stressful. This is also another reason why I hate cars. Trucks are the only way I'll go. I need to be higher than everyone else.. after all I'm the best driver there is.. so why not? ;)

I had a lot more to say on this post, but my photos will not send to my computer and I'm so over dealing with it. I will finish updating tomorrow!

I hope that tomorrow will be a better day. I'm feeling a little better!
I feel like I have so much stress just piling up, and sometimes it gets hard. Everything always happens all at once. I kind of wanted to slap a few people for how rude they were to me today. It threw off my day and I was not a very happy camper.

Yeah, today was not the best.
But, there is always tomorrow.
I'll make the best of it.

I have three fabulous days to spend with my man.
Saturday we're going to the wings game!
Our days together always make everything in life better.

Ah.. :)

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!
Just remember, it's almost the weekend!!!! :)


  1. I've always been scared of getting stitches and yours sounds like the worst experience ever! Sorry about the pain..

  2. OMG- I totally smashed my finger last week and needed stitches!!

    P.S. You're SO stinkin' sweet!
    I'm so happy we found each other!


  3. What in the world did you do? Looks so painful!

  4. I work at a bar and some how while holding a tray full of 23 ounce beer glasses.. one broke as I was setting it down... I felt pain, dropped the rest of the beers on a guy and rushed to the back to cry :P when I saw how deep it was I really freaked out.


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