Monday, January 23, 2012

I need sleep.

Dang, I'm exhausted.
I worked a double today.. after my fun weekend that I needed after a very long and stressful week of school.

Weekend recap.. shall we?
We shall!

Lucas and I went to the ice festival... I had to bundle up... Don't mind me looking like I'm ready to pop out 8 toddlers..
It also took a LOT of effort to get Lucas to stop talking and just smile.. every picture we took you could tell he was swearing... Maybe this week I'll show you guys, for a good laugh.

It was a lot of fun.. but after about 15 minutes I was crying in pain from being so cold. Apparently 3 hoodies, a thermal shirt, a winter coat, a goofy winter hat, 3 pairs of gloves, 5 pairs of warm fuzzy socks and UGGS were not enough. I was decked out in Red Wings stuff though.. so I froze in style ;) Yeahhh.

We went to dinner after and then Saturday we went to the Wings game..

 How cute...

The second to last picture, I think it's funny that you can see Lucas' old friend standing up behind the other team's bench. He was there with his Wife. They live in New York and are here to work the Auto Show. We ended up seeing them for 5 minutes after the game, I'm sure Lucas was happy about that.

It's funny that when you grow up you lose touch with so many people, simply because you're living your life and your dream. I'm so content with my life, I don't feel like I've left anyone behind.. I have who I need.

After the game Luke and I went to TGI Fridays... SOMEHOW we ended up getting 6 appetizers... Lucas ate all of his, and of course was sick after. I took a few bites and wanted dessert.. Lucas of course ate some of my dessert and then pretended to be mad at me for not eating it before he could. He had a $30 giftcard from Christmas and our bill was $42 so I wanted to pay the rest because he spends so much damn money on me... it took about 10 minutes of convincing him to just let me pay.. I mean come on.. $12 + a $10 tip.. Finally he decided I can pay but he was buying me something in return.. kind of defeats the purpose, right?  Ugh.. men.

I'm exhausted. Honestly, I wanted to have a fun update.. but today isn't the night, I'm sorry :(

I can't seem to get enough sleep. Every time we'd watch t.v this weekend while just relaxing I'd fall asleep in such a deep sleep. I'd wake up and be so out of it, it was almost scary. The other night I didn't even remember turning off the fire place.. ah. Plus... my cravings are going wild, but I can't decide on anything and my back is in so much pain and I miss my Lucas who is hard at work.. wah! I'm being a little baby right now. Sorry!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! 
Did you guys do anything fun??


  1. I'm following now. Thought I was following before? Cute pics.

  2. you are adorable.
    you two are adorable.
    Looks like you guys had a good time

  3. Love your hat! Wish it would snow here. Great post:)


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