Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I haven’t even been up for 12 hours..

So, I did it!
I was able to sleep! And I slept beautifully!
I didn’t end up waking up until 4pm!
It felt great.. until now.. almost 12 hours later..
I’m obviously not tired, but I should be in bed..
Messed up sleep schedule is on repeat.

Now I’m just playing catch up with all the things I need to do.
Including so much studying.. but, what’s new.

I’ve posted about this before.. but here I am again..
Have you guys heard about
ebates? You get paid to shop.
This isn’t a joke or some kind of long process.. it is what it is.
I’ve received a check in the mail from them before and I will be receiving on mid-February.
I will even show you guys a picture of it when I receive it so you know
I’m not lying about this amazing offer!
Check this out..
Untitled 1

I have received $22.16
I will be getting a check for $53.22
That’s a total of $75.38 just for shopping my favorite sites!!
They also have amazing deals on the site too!
Please check it out! Use my referral like as well, I’d really appreciate it!!!

I don’t have much of an update tonight. It’s already 330am and I really need to get some studying done so I can at least get a few hours of
sleep before a day full of class tomorrow!
I feel wide awake. I’m craving coffee. Perfect.
Wonder why I’m sleep deprived all the time..

I have been a little too obsessed with following new blogs. I never realized how many amazing blogs there are out there.. and how many I’m so interested in. I plan to make a page of my favorite blogs.. I might have some time tomorrow to work on this blog.. I have many updates that I’ve planned and blah blah blah.. I’ve been busy, and my time management skills suck. I’m working on it. I’m not going to let all my lovely new followers down! Just hang tight!

I want to know…
Do any of you have some must read blogs you can suggest to me?
Leave me a comment and let me know!
Even if it’s a link to your “favorite blog” page on your blog.. that’ll be perfect!

Enjoy your Tuesday!!!

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  1. I just discovered ebates a few weeks ago and have been spending all of my Christmas giftcards on there and making money off of them!


  2. I love ebates. Cute blog I just found it :)

  3. Why have I not heard of ebates before?? I'll totally be signing up for that!
    And I am with you... I follow SO many blogs! Blogging is crazy addicting :)

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  5. I just stumbled upon your blog, super cute! :)


  6. you are adorbs! I just found your blog! I am obsessed with blogging! (Even if I don't have time for it! ha)

  7. I'm thinking of checking ebates out. I was just reading about it on another site.

  8. Popping over from Brittany's blog "Confessions of a single mommy", she recommended I come check you out! xx

  9. hey love! i can totally relate on the sleep business lately... i've been absolutely drained! and i don't even work like you do LOL so what the tell ismy excuse !?

    ...and huh ... i just realized i'm not following you? err... that doesn't make sense..i was like one of your very 1st followers... :( odd!

    refollowing you
    lol xoxo

  10. How cool! Luv savvy finds :) btw, I'm hosting a giveaway and thought you might be interested. www.domesticsweetheart.com

  11. Ah, I'm so excited you all found me so that I was able to find your blogs :)

    @Jasmine... I was following you too! And yes I'm pretty sure you were my very first follower! Whatever.. glad we're both refollowing :D

  12. ebates sounds very cool! And I'm glad you got some sleep! I am a night owl myself so I often struggle with sleeping (obviously).

    I have a BlogRoll of great blogs on my page, I love looking at it and checking out their latest posts- so many great people on the internet!

  13. Here are a few blogs I'm currently obsessed with (starting with my absolute favourite!)

    The Daybook

    Dulce Candy - http://www.dulcecandy.com/

    Cupcakes and Cashmere

    Let me know how you like them

  14. OMG I thought I was the only one who can sleep like that! I know how that is although at least you feel refreshed when you wake up because if I sleep for so long I feel more tired when I wake up so hmmm...Anyway just randomly stopping by and sorries I have no suggestion for a blog to follow since I am looking for one too! =)


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