Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All you got to do is put a drink in my hand.

Having a girls night with my mom. Lucas and my dad are both working tonight. We're talking babies! She's telling me all about her pregnancy and delivery with me... Holy crap! No wonder why I ruined it for any of her future kids that never were made. They didn't tell her that for a few weeks they knew the cord was wrapped around my neck. They just kept doing tests and had to monitor her a lot. I was apparently breech and they were planning on a c-section.. but at the last minute I, a 9 pound 5 ounce baby, started flipping around until I made my way to the correct position.. which is the only reason my mom got stretch marks. Her contractions weren't bad and then they ended up stopping. They gave her more pitocin and by then it was too late for her to take any pain medicine and she had to deliver a 9 pound 5 ounce baby. And the cord was actually around my next two times. Talk about scary!

I had my first day at my new school today!! I absolutely love it! It's perfect! It's also right by a lot of stores and coffee shops! The student center is already super great. I Went to Starbucks, went shopping and then got a few things done in the student center before my next class. I have a two how break between classes. 

I'm watching Teen Mom right now since Bubba is at work and I feel bad making him watch it with me during the little time we get to spend together when we're not at work or school. I really need to be getting to bed since I didn't go to bed last night. Crap. I've been up for 38 hours. I'm not sure how I'm not dying. I actually need to take night time medicine... crazy, hmm? 

I'm painting my nails, whitening my teeth and have a face mask on! I'm just so happy. I didn't expect school to go as amazing as it did. This is just an amazing day. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair done.. I want to buy something new for the wings game Thursday since I've never wore the same thing twice to a game and I'm not about to start now!

I actually have some really great ideas to blog about. I'm going to change it up a little bit!! Most likely starting tomorrow!