Thursday, December 8, 2011

You might as well go on, and get used to it. She'll take her time, cause you don't mind... waiting on a woman.

I really need to get moving. I was so productive earlier today. I'm running on about an hour of sleep. I had a test today, on campus.. really early. I think I did really good, but that makes me worry that maybe I just thought I knew what I was doing, despite studying for a few hours last night.

In my defense, Lucas isn't even awake. I knew he did not set an alarm. I also know he'll wake up and swear he did. So, I'll just pretend that I'm just so understanding that he needed sleep. ;)

I have to go to the mall today. I need to find something to wear for Luke's work Christmas party. Keep in mind that he works with people that are married and have kids, and are much older than us. I need something classy, yet fun and cute. I'm already stressed and I haven't shopped yet!

I work tomorrow night. Which means I won't be out of there until like 3am, probably later. I have to wake up really early Saturday to get ready and then work at some country club for their kid's Christmas party. I get done working at 2, which is the time Lucas' Christmas party work meeting thing starts.. obviously I'm going to miss it. Dinner is at 5, and hopefully I'll be there before then. It's a little less than 2 hours and 30 minutes away from where I'll be. I hate driving long distances alone.

I want to share this video with you!
I cried. Actually, I cry every time I watch it or when I show someone it. I wish I could just never tan for the rest of my life.. sadly, I know that won't happen.

Okay, thanks to my online shopping addiction.. I'm excited to share this! Remember how I posted about Ebates? I showed how much cash back I earned? Well I had earned $31.21 total cash back. I was already paid $22.16 and I had $9.05 pending. Well... check this out!
That means I'll be getting a check for almost $40! I think I still have a few that haven't gone through.. but still, isn't that crazy? All for shopping online. I've received checks from them before, but such small amounts. I'm so proud of myself, haha.

I have decided that I want a tablet for Christmas. I know it's super last minute to decide that I want something. I'm not going to ask for it though. Actually, I have never asked for anything for Christmas. My mom does the Christmas shopping and typically she'll give me a "I can't get you a whole lot for Christmas since we're paying for your schooling." speech. Which is totally fine by me, I have money I can buy anything I need for myself.. but of course, every single year, she gets me so much. Not just a lot of small things, a lot of everything! I'm the kind of girl that LOVES Christmas, not because I love gifts (which I do) but because I love giving gifts! If I didn't get any presents for Christmas, I wouldn't even be upset. I'm far too excited about what I got for everyone! AH.

I now have to rush and shower and get ready, because of course Lucas just woke up and a 10 minute shower and some food in his belly, and he'll be ready to go. As much as I love him.. he is the absolute most annoying person to deal with when I'm trying to get ready and he has nothing to do. I always make him wait.. poor boo boo!

Ready, set.. let my nails dry... and.. RUSH!
Have a wonderful evening!!