Saturday, December 31, 2011

Whipped Cream.

I'm really enjoying tonight! This won't be a long update at all. Its already 4 am... why are we sitting at the table eating piazza rolls? I can't believe that we're about to watch Bad Teacher. I'm going to be tired tomorrow because I'm sure not tired now. Today I woke up so.late. we went to the mall because I found out we're no longer wearing dresses, were wearing dress pants which I obviously don't have and a cute shirt. Then we came home and the game was on and Luke was hungry so I made him cabin fries and brat bites... then he decided he wanted cookies.. so like a good little wife I baked him some. Then while he ran to the party store I started cleaning and I cleaned for three hours and now were at this point. I have to wake up early tomorrow so maybe I'll update. If not... enjoy your new years eve! Be safe!!